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Come on in and say "Hi".


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^ Welcome! I'm also an ACE member, coming up on 20 years in the club.


"PS: Sorry for my bad english..." (Bob!)


Believe me, you write better English than a lot of Americans do!


And welcome to you, too!





Always nice to meet a fellow club member. I'm 8 years and running with ACE and loving it . I have been to a couple of Coaster Cons and Preservation Conference this past year. My wife is also a member, but she is not as insane as me

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Hello everybody!


My real name is Waudru. I live in belgium and am currently 24 and work as a tester. I basically test stuff, to be more exact for my work I test application for the european union and for fun I test rollercoasters and other rides as much as I can.


I have other hobbies tough. I'm a huge Iron Maiden fan and never turn down an opportunity to see a gig. I'm also very interested in photography and am currently taking a class and going to upgrade my camera. I also like a good party or a quite night at home with my games.


Other then this I have a few pets. One bunny and two dogs run on the lose here.


As far as home park goes for me this would be Bobbejaanland. I live around 30 minutes from the park. It's also the park I used to go to as a little kid. It defiantly has changed a lot over the years and not always for the good.


I'm a bit busy with my work and all the hobbies I have so I might not be around all the time but I like to come by from time to time and read some trip reports. I love reading trip reports from parks in the USA because it gives me an idea what parks are like overthere.


I'd also like to write some reviews of parks overhere when you are interested. I could write a few from this year but the latest i've been was around 25 octorber so they wouldn't be completely recent.


The most recent park i've been to is walibi belgium for it's halloween event.

In total I've gone on around 28 rollercoasters (including ones not operating anymore)


Ps. Sorry if my english is off. I do my best but since it's not my first language and I have a small amount of language problems it's not always easy.

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Welcome to this crazy group Waudru.


Don't be to worried about your English. Your doing better then a lot of people here that English is their first and only language. So keep posting. Your doing fine and we take into account that English is not your first language.


If you have pictures of these parks you have visited, post them in a trip report. We love pictures and don't care if it was last week, last month or last year.



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Hi everybody my real name is danny and i live in savannah,ga.

I'm a new found coaster enthusiast and i first discovered this while riding GASM at sfog. As soon as i got my first taste of ejector air time i became hooked! Anyway, i look forward to posting trip reports and videos in the future.

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Hi everyone. My name is Colleen (but you can call me Sham or Shammy) and I live right outside Philadelphia. I'm about to turn 20 in December and I'm currently a student at Penn State University, majoring in either Political Science or Crime, Law and Justice (still undecided, though xP).


Other than my love for politics and law, among other things like casual computer gaming, reading, listening to music, reading blogs, etc., I am, of course, a roller coaster enthusiast. Not a hardcore one, like some I've already seen, but one nonetheless.


I remember my first roller coaster was The City Jet Coaster at Wonderland Pier in Ocean City, New Jersey. Since then, I've loved roller coasters and amusement parks in general. Also, my all-time favorite roller coaster would have to be Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom. That ride was awesome, in my opinion.


I hope to join you guys on a future TPR trip (planning on it for a graduation present and when I have enough money), but until then, I'll enjoy the pictures, video and comments of others and actively participate in the community.


*yeah yeah, I know. it seems too 'formal'. that's how I am, so you might as well get used to it lol =P*

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Howdy I'm Katie, about to bout fifteen in January, and I being 14 I guess there's a limit to the 'core-ness' of my rollercoasties addiction. As in; lack of money, lack of car, lack of ability to drive car...


The first proper park I went to was Alton Towers, although I'm now a sworn anti-Dubai Entertainments park-goer. *shakes fists* damn yew and your monopolizing schemes! For anyone who doesn't have enough spare time to know, they own Alton Towers, Thorpe Park n Chessington WOA, along with some other...fa schizzle. Ever since I had to wait almost 3 hours for SPINBALL WHIZZER at Alton, I've not been a huge fan


Favourites? Still, Nemesis (Nemmy...heh) is amazing, but of course completely different to my other favvie - Grand National, not forgetting Drayton's Apocalypse, obvs Favourite parks would have to be the Pleasurable Beach of Blackpool and Phantasialand. I went to the latter for Wintertraum, their christmassy thingy last year and I would recommend it to ANYONE! Awesome stuff.


Neways, I seriously need to stop avoiding my maths homework!!


Looking forward to more posting!

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Hello I'm ross. I come form good old british England and my local park is Thorpe Park and Chessington. I'm 14 years old and my friends know me as roller ross for always talking about roller coasters and going on roller coasters and designing them .etc.


Favorite ride has to be....Erm not sure ....I need to have a think but i do like a good old classic woody so probably my Favorite is Texas Giant but i'm still unsure!!


I have visited many Theme Parks and I plan to visit more soon.


I love this site and I have been meaning to join it for some time now but always seeming to forget but know i have so hi everybody.

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Howdy All


I'm Deron From Southeast Indiana......


I stumbled across this site looking for information on the old Americana Amusement park outside Cincinnati and WOW how cool is this.


I love all coasters but my body likes to tell me that I'm not as fond of the inversions anymore (I'm 41).... but I don't too often listen.


The Racer at Kings Island was my first coaster at age 11...rode it like seven times that day. I currently check the Doamondback cam almost daily, I love watching the construction!


Looking forward to catching all the latest news and pics around here.

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I'm new here.


My name is Al, and i'm 14 and am currently living in orlando. i live about 10-30 minutes away from the theme parks like sea world, walt disney world, universal, etc. i've been to about 7 coasters.


there's not much roller coasters to ride when you've been to magic kingdom 50 times.

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Hi : - )


I'm Jordan.I currently live in City of central ,Louisiana.I live 30-45 minutes from Bluebayou and Dixie landing Also 2 hours away from the now closed jazz land / six flags new Orlands.I'm a newbie to these form things ,And ride alot of coasters anytime i get.

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My name is Jeroen, I live in The Hague [holland] and I'm 18 years old.


I'm a member for a while, but i've never introduced myself!


I read the forum very often, but I don't reply that much.

Eumm, What can I tell more?


Well, my faforite park is Port Aventura, where I did my first B&M, Dragon Khan!



So... If you want to know more... PM me!

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what's up everyone? been a long time reader but just now joined the forums.


I'm Brandon and I live just south of Atlanta, GA. my home park, is of course, SFOG!


so far in my life, i've visited the following parks:




Galaxyland in the West Edmonton Mall

Camp Snoopy (When it was known then)

Disney World



Busch Gardens Africa

Universal Studios Hollywood


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Hi everyone. My name is Guido Andree, live in Cologne, Germany. I've read some posts here for many years, but now, on christmas, I decided to join completely


My first "real" post will be in the Photo Trip Report Archive, a small 4-minute video about Talocan at Phantasialand. If this is not the right place to post a movie, just ignore it, I will find my way here in the future


So I hope that we all won't have any problems but a good time.

Merry Christmas first and a happy new year later


Edit: Okay, I don't get it now with this "New Topic"-Stuff, maybe tomorrow, I'll try

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Hello! My name is Stephanie, but nearly everyone calls me Bunny (no one remembers why, and I answer to both). I live in Knoxville, Tennessee. I was born and raised in central Mississippi but spent a lot of time in New Orleans and Los Angeles. As such, suffice is to say that most people don't think I look like such a thick Southern accent should come out of my mouth.


I'm relatively new to roller coaster fanaticism, compared to most of you anyway, because I was a big scaredy cat as a youngin'. I refused to even ride Big Thunder Mountain and the like until I was eleven. My first "big" coaster was the Mega Zeph at Six Flags New Orleans (it was Jazzland then). I remember it being really painful, so I didn't ride another coaster until I was seventeen. That day I rode the Incredible Hulk coaster at least ten times and have been hooked since. I live between forty-five minutes and a hour away from Dollywood, but I had never been until last week. All the coasters were closed because it was cold, but we got season passes and went back last night.


I'm actually quite afraid of heights, and lift hills make me so nervous that I get giggly. This became especially noticeable last night on Mystery Mine since there are two vertical lifts, and I was white knuckled and laughing my tail off.


Anyway, hi everyone! I'm looking forward to catching up on my number of coasters I've gotten to experience.

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My first "real" post will be in the Photo Trip Report Archive, a small 4-minute video about Talocan at Phantasialand. If this is not the right place to post a movie, just ignore it, I will find my way here in the future


Welcome Guido!


You'll need to upload your video in the Professional Amateur Videographer Forum, not the Photo Trip Report Archive. That one s for old Trip Reports from TPR members.

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Hey everyone, i'm Cam or Aussie46


As you most likely worked out from my name i'm from Australia


While I was tackling crocodiles and saying "Gday Mate" All day, I also have been reading TPR since i was 8 (13 now).


i'm Sad for you since you people never got to go to wonderland, One of the few decent theme park in Australia.


Great to have finally joined,


see you later


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