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Best Theme Park Chain

What is your favorite theme park chain?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite theme park chain?

    • Six Flags (Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Great Adventure)
    • Cedar Fair (Knott's Berry Farm, Cedar Point)
    • Tussaud's (Alton Towers, Thorpe Park)
    • Disney (Walt Disney World, Disneyland)
    • Busch (Busch Gardens parks, SeaWorld parks)
    • Lego Parks (legoland Cali, germany)
    • Universal (Florida, Hollywood)
    • Herschend Family Entertainment (Silver Doller City, Dollywood)
    • Kennywood Corp. (Kennywood, Lake Compounce)
    • Paramount Parks (Paramount's King's Island, Paramount's Great America)
    • Star Parks (Walibi Parks, Movie World Parks)

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Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation parks because


-Clean grounds

-Beautifully landscaped

-Friendly host

-Unique ride experiences

-Great rides

-Great shows

-Great shops

-Great crafts

-All around great family atmosphere

-Smoking only allowed in designated areas

-Nice selection of festivals

-Always introducing new rides and ideas

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Disney anyday.


I love it so much.


And Tussauds don't exist anymore . I'm glad now, I really did hate Tussauds. They cared about Alton to make their mark and then just added the minimal. Am glad Merlin bought em before they left Alton to rot.


Money making scum .


Merlin will be alot brighter IMO



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Cedar Fair in my eyes is the best.


They have good operations, good maintence, friendly employees, etc.


They also don't clone their rides much. Six Flags clones Mind Eraser, Batman, Ride of steel, Boomerang,


And when you think about it, Cedar Fair really doesn't do that much at all.

And everone seems to criticize Cedar Fair because they don't theme their rides. But what would you rather have? Two thousand feet more track or themeing?

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Let me put it this way. Cedar Point could gave millennium forces queue lots of things to look at while waiting in line but instead they added lots more track? would you rather wait two hours in line with nothing to look at for an awesome ride or would you rather wait two hours in line with lots two look at for a medioucre line?

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BEC! The parks are just different from many.

The Animals

the food

the atmosphere

the rides

the cleanliness



BEC is just great. It will be sad to see the parks all separated and I think part of the atmosphere will be lost regardless

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^^^For me personally, the amount of theming really makes or breaks the ride experience, and in many situations can make a simple coaster a lot more thrilling. Take Space Mountain at Disneyland, for example. If you strip it completely of its theme and place it outdoors, you have a pretty mundane roller coaster with excessive right-hand turns that doesn't even break 30 mph. But enclosing it in the dark with a starfield and wind effects at strategic points and you have one of the highest-rated thrill rides at any park. I grew up at a time when Six Flags Magic Mountain was considered a flagship park of the chain, and even then, racing from thrill ride to thrill ride with little or no theme was a very empty experience. But when I was at Disneyland, or even Knott's, the ride experience was more immersive and far more complete, even if the ride wasn't longer or faster. Now there does need to be a balance between theme and length. For example, I find the added theme to the Pony Express at Knott's to be a borderline wasted effort for a ride that isn't even a minute long. But that's just my humble opinion.

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There is no place like any Disney Parks. It almost is impossible to not have a fun time at Disney.


-They have fastpasses (for free)

-Alot of their main rides have single rider lines

-Great food

-Great atmosphere

-And the best employment system on Earth

-And even at my age it still seems magical.


Parents can take there little kids there and know they are safe and know that the kids will have a magical and memorial time.


Even though the thrills are mega thrills, their coaster are wonderfully themed and all have 'storylines'.

Universal is also great, but it just doesn't really have much to offer compared to Disney.



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Disney for me, im a sucker for detail and Disney delivers the most. Also to me upkeep is extremely important and its awesome how Disney is always constatly rehabbing and huge upkeep projects at their parks.


For example: hey, Rockin Roller doesnt have a single riders line for the queue, lets re-do the entire queue so that it accomidates it and works very well. People dont like DCA? Lets spend over $1 BILLION in renovating and improving it. Space Mountains getting old? Lets tear out the entire track circut and rebuild it and rehab the queue to make it more modern. Spaceship Earth/Haunted Mansion need some updating? Lets extensively rehab them.


In an age where price jacking and cutting quality are common in the industry, Disney is actually spending a ton in upkeeping and details in their parks to justify price raises where many other chains are just raising prices while cutting park appearance which pisses me off.

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I voted for Busch Parks. I love both Busch Gardens for the combination of thrills and themeing. Both parks have world class coasters, innovative for their time and some of the best examples of certain ride types. Africa's animal exhibits are diverse and authentic and the caretakers are informative and knowledgeable.

Sea world is a very unique experience. The ocean habitat is something we as humans don't have access to, but they bring it to us and help us to care about things many of us otherwise would not. The Shamu shows are, in a word, special. Any park can build good rides, but Sea world's ability to bring different species together so seamlessly is unique and un-surpassed. They make interaction with Killer Whales look easy, I'm pretty sure it isn't, but they do it every day all day. And a pretty decent collection of coasters and rides are developing.

The Busch parks are also good stewards of wildlife. Breeding programs, rescue and replenishment of wildlife are all commitments they take seriously. They are even breeding fish for florida's lagoon and estuary systems.

As this is a theme park question, I will leave it there.

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