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  1. Wow, that made my day. I could care less about the coaster but I got to see DOMO! yay! and wow I paid 12$ for a little mini domo and its 34$ for the one shown on this update who would have known it would be cheaper in california?
  2. Asking the ride operators upfront is just stupid. They are usually really busy trying to get everyone through as quickly as possible. You will most likely get a big NO for an answer. Its much smarter to contact park management or somebody of higher authority that a ride operator, as they will most likely give you a better answer. I have found that on slow days, really slow days, where there is almost nobody in the park, they sometimes let you bring it on. This is still rare to find. Most POVs are completely unnecessary. This website has POVs for alot of roller coasters and if they dont, chances are somebody on youtube does. If they don't then even the park website does. If you are just doing it to get the thrill of breaking the rules, then do it elswhere, and places that will not harm people.
  3. Interesting. With the ride so close to the ground we can probably expect it to be a fast ride. Hmm.
  4. Hey mabey Cedar Point will add the old brakes to Blue Streak and remove the headrest.... And while im dreaming they could also remove the trims on Mean Streak.
  5. That picture of Frog Hopper has to be the first picture of KidTums that she didn't look terrified on. But who doesn't love Frog Hopper
  6. Patriotic Spinning Mamba's Dragon Boomerang. That was the original title. They also considered Patriotic spinning mamba's detonation boomerang but they didnt make it far!
  7. wow i figured it would be Spinning Mamba's Dragon Boomerang dang i was only offf alittle
  8. By "dells" do you mean the whole Wisconsin Dells area or a specific park in the dells? Also what is TDR? I know im going to feel like an idiot when I get an answer but its been driving me NUTS
  9. I know exacly what your talking about! While my vote still goes for the company, I hope that they get into more intense rides again!
  10. That would be best. The two rides you need at Knott's are Xcl8tr and Ghostrider.. the others should be only if you have time. How would you know? You said you've never been there. For the record, Ghostrider sucks balls. Xcel is fun, and Pony Express gives a good little kick. Montezooma's Revenge is a hidden jem too. And notorious my butt. Ride crews are good there, and unless you have personal experience, don't say things you don't know. Ive heard that those were the best rides there.
  11. I probably like either Mantis or Raptors queue since you get to watch the coaster while your waiting and it helps you get pumped for the adrenalin. Mean Streak is cool too because you can watch the Ride in the first part and in the second part your surrounded by wood and its kinda cool, even though i've never had an out of station wait for Mean Streak
  12. yahoo yes is there such thing as unenjoyable airtime?
  13. Millennium Force is definatly number one... Wicked Twister used to be second but the launch just doesnt amaze me as much as it used to. hmm 1. Millennium Force 2. Top Thrill Dragster 3. Magnum XL-200 4. Gemini 5. Maverick something like that
  14. Honstly? Let me put it this way. Cedar Point could gave millennium forces queue lots of things to look at while waiting in line but instead they added lots more track? would you rather wait two hours in line with nothing to look at for an awesome ride or would you rather wait two hours in line with lots two look at for a medioucre line?
  15. The best coaster name goes to Michigan's Adventure with shivering timbers. The worst coaster name goes to any ride named corkscrew after the first knotts version, and also Batman the ride.
  16. well my top two are cedar point and six flags great america
  17. What no vekoma? (joke) Intamin rides are fun but they don't change much. I don't recall and accident on a B&M that was the companys fault.
  18. Cedar Fair in my eyes is the best. They have good operations, good maintence, friendly employees, etc. They also don't clone their rides much. Six Flags clones Mind Eraser, Batman, Ride of steel, Boomerang, And when you think about it, Cedar Fair really doesn't do that much at all. And everone seems to criticize Cedar Fair because they don't theme their rides. But what would you rather have? Two thousand feet more track or themeing?
  19. Hmm rides that provide most airtime are BM speed train rides. But the ride that has the most airtime ive ridden is Shivering Timbers
  20. I change my mind, the first moldy green Tornado colors at Parque de Atracciones was terrible!
  21. It used to be a tie between Mind Eraser and the ever so creative "Flying coaster" at elitches but Mean Streak is easly the worst. Trims, and boring. I didn't find it to be THAT rough and im sure I could handle a trimless ride on it. Even so I don't see how the layout could provide enough airtime to make up for its roughness. I do believe the main reason they added trims was because it was going to fast and it was causing all the wood to weaken or something like that.
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