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Best Theme Park Chain

What is your favorite theme park chain?  

434 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favorite theme park chain?

    • Six Flags (Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Great Adventure)
    • Cedar Fair (Knott's Berry Farm, Cedar Point)
    • Tussaud's (Alton Towers, Thorpe Park)
    • Disney (Walt Disney World, Disneyland)
    • Busch (Busch Gardens parks, SeaWorld parks)
    • Lego Parks (legoland Cali, germany)
    • Universal (Florida, Hollywood)
    • Herschend Family Entertainment (Silver Doller City, Dollywood)
    • Kennywood Corp. (Kennywood, Lake Compounce)
    • Paramount Parks (Paramount's King's Island, Paramount's Great America)
    • Star Parks (Walibi Parks, Movie World Parks)

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Well, the thread is best "theme park" chain, so IMO Six Flags and Cedar Fair really don't belong, but that's just my two cents.




well i really meant amusement park/theme park chain...but i could only go with one term for 'park'...lol never thought of just saying 'park'

I guess that's where, for me, I can't even think about "amusement parks" and "theme parks" in the same poll.


I mean, how could you compare the BEST "amusement park" or the BEST "traditional park" to someplace like Disney and Universal?


Even if I thought, let's say, that Six Flags was the BEST amusement park company, there is no way I'd choose going to the best Six Flags park over Islands of Adventure, for example.


And it would be a hard choice if asked "If you could only go one more time to either Knoebel's or Islands of Adventure, which would you choose?"


They are just such contrasting experiences that IMO you can't group them in the same poll.


But I guess this poll isn't really any different than asking people what their favorite movie when there are so many different genres, etc....


--Robb "Always been a stickler for polls that give good results." Alvey

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I voted Cedar Fair.

The only other chain i've dealt with was 6 Flags, so by comparison, it was a no brainer...

If i voted for an individual park, it'd be Dollywood.


Herschend Family Entertainment owns Dollywood


They have 3 amusement parks, and a waterpark.


What's their third park?!


Grevin is also verry good


Wht does grevin own?

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The three parks in Kennywood's chain are:


Lake Compunce



the waterpark is Sandcastle.


Katie, who loves patch fries!, Olszewski

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I voted for Disney, overall, I think they are just the best chain of parks with great rides, a great environment as well as just a fun place to be at,


I like HERCO.. Hershey Entertainment and Resorts.


that's not really a chain, they have only have one park (that I know of)


They "sort of" own Dutch Wonderland as well. I say sort of because I think they bought the park but it's run by a different company name other than Hershey, but at the same time, they incorporated some things with both parks by offering a combo ticket for the 2 parks and moving rides from one park to the other such as the kiddie whip.

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Grevin is also verry good


Wht does grevin own?


Oh, I should say "Grévin & Cie", it's French, it owns:

Parc Astérix : http://rcdb.com/nl/m/pd262.htm

I've never been in that park, but it looks great, nice theming, and Asterix is just verry cool.


Avonturenpark Hellendoorn : http://rcdb.com/nl/m/pd313.htm

This is a park in Holland, it's verry close to where I live.

The first owners did a good job, but Grévin is good in keeping it beautifull, and they placed a verry colourfull playground, and a new better park mascotte.


And it owns some more parks in Europe.

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This is actually a tough call because each chain possesses some good strengths and have some weak areas as well.

In terms of "overall" chain I would choose BEC (Busch Parks).

I know I am very biased here, but I chose this chain because of management (overall), atmosphere (for family), beauty-landscape, (some) food, cleanliness, ride selection & quality. I won't add the friendliness, because that would be an area for inprovement (most of the park chain), but the safety and 'overall' operations of the park(s) is quite solid.

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Cedar Fair because after visiting Dorney I found the park being clean, friendly and keeping a family atmosphere, not like Six Flags where they mostly add white-knuckle thrill rides and coasters and rarely kiddie rides and family attractions.

Just my $0.02.

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I had to vote for Tussauds.


As they are the chain that own the parks I visit the most.

Like all the chains listed they have there problems in certain areas.


I personally rate Tussauds higher than Six Flags & Disney.


Currently I have not been to enough parks run by Cedar Fair to comment on them, but was very impressed by Cedar Point.


All the Star Parks were run by Six Flags, when I have visited them so again cannot make judgement.


The other chains listed I've not been to any of the parks yet




i completely agree, they have theme parks as well as museums and a waxworks museum 0_o


they (i believe) recently bought Heide Park!

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