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  1. Few Cedar Point shirts Ozzfest 2003 shirt Couple CP mugs CP and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame collector spoons CDstand that looks like a huge guitar AC/DC-Black Ice PKI stuffed toy dog CP map from 2000 Magnum hat 3 pairs of boxers candy in stocking guitar gig bag guitar strings Epiphone SG guitar
  2. This album is amazing.I listened to it all on the internet and Cyanide is my favorite with Judas Kiss following behing.This album is probably my 5th favorite Metallica album, knocking The Black Album one spot behind.I must also say, I like all of Metallica's albums.
  3. I listened to this album on the internet the day it came out(also listening to it now) and it's definitely I think probably the best Slipknot has done yet.I like it especially beacause it has more melodic type songs unlike their old albums and they try different things.Psycosocial is probably my favorite Slipknot song now.
  4. Listening to the new album from Youtube right now.About half-way through and it's great!
  5. Just saw it a few days ago.This is probably my new favorite movie.Maybe not as good as I thought it would be, but still amazing.
  6. I can't wait to see this movie.It will probably be coming to one of our theaters in about a couple weeks or so.From the previews I've seen I think this will definitely probably be my new favorite Batman movie, and possibly my favorite ever, it just looks amazing.I have seen all of the other movies in the Warner Bros. Batman series and the movie from 1966, and the one from the 60s is my current favorite.
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