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Help Robb & Elissa Name KidTums!


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Rita - Queen of ____


Julie Alvey

Lou Alvey (do you want her to be a HCPS?)


I noticed some people suggested Katrina. I don't think that would be a good idea after the hurricane (though anything that submerges Vekoma rides is fine by me) Catrina might work better

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Samantha already stated previously that she would like you to use her name, so to make it official, Samantha Shoufler votes:


Samantha Marie Alvey


I agree 110% with you on all your name logic as my criteria was exactly the same (although in the digital print-your-own-name age there's less of a problem now than there was when I was growing up in the 70's with S-H-A-R-I) and recommend for the child's sanity, stick with a traditional spelling as well. (ie, a girl at my work spells her name Jenniffer-two n's and two f's).


So excited that it's a girl!!! And I had to laugh that you were thinking Ryan for a boy, as that is what Sammi's name would have been!



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First of all congratualtions to you both.


Just a few suggestions, I quickly thought of












There is some sort 'weird logic' why I chose these names .


Bethany Alvey

'baby' Alvey

Dallas Alvey

Elissa Alvey

'baby' Alvey

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We had two girls and named them Jacquelyn and Katelyn. When we found out we were pregnant again we chose Madelyn Nicole - then we had a boy. Sooo, I will pass that suggestion along to you. We only chose that spelling so that it went along with the other two girls. There are other ways to spell it.


Madelyn Nicole Alvey...then her nickname could be Madi


Good luck and congrats!


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Obviously, we were partial to Diana, which is why our daughter got the name. Could work though...


Diana Alvey


One name we considered, too, was Brenna...


Brenna Alvey


My late sister's name was Valerie...


Valerie Alvey


My mom's name is Pauline...


Pauline Alvey or try Paulina Alvey


So there ya go. Best of luck with your girl. Being the father of one, I can tell you that it's gonna be quite a ride!



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