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  1. Mine is www.myspace.com/robbieshenton anybody add me and Il accept.
  2. My personla favorite is the belagio and second is propally the wynn.
  3. Well I'm going to Holiday Park in a couple of weeks and i was just wondering what seat you guys thing is best for air time and just the whole experiance.
  4. because they jusy bought a new house why is grass green?
  5. Well Me and a few friends are flying to Germany just to go to Holiday Park and I was just wondering if you think it will be busy. We are going to be at the park on the 4th of september. Also if it will be busy is there any form of fast track?
  6. Does anybody know what the song is called that is used in the holiday park video?The Holiday Park Video
  7. I found out that I will be goin on the 12th of august which is a saterday so what park do you think will be less busy?
  8. Well i am goin to L.A in just over a month and i can go to one of SFMM or Kbf and I was wondering which park you guys think i should go to and give your reasons why.
  9. Thw worst injury I've ever had is when i fell off a tree and fell 15ft and fracured my skull and was in a comer for just under 3 weeks. i was also on a ventalator for 2weeks. As a result of fracturing my skull I now have a metal plate in my head to stop my brain swelling up.
  10. Well I'm going there on the 19th with my school and i have already paid so there is no way of getting out but do you think we will get a free ticket because stelth is closed?
  11. Yeah Do you think that Stealth(Thorpe park) is better than Kingda Ka?
  12. Yes do you think the new CP ride will be a record breaker?
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