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  1. So, Im trying to find older pictures of the Mine Ride Trains @ Knotts. Im curious to how different theyve looked like compared to now a days. Ive made some progress and found a few pictures of Train 1 and Train 5 from several, several years ago, but Im still on the search for any and all pictures of the Cabs 1-6 from say, maybe 95 and before. (so, 1960-1995). If you have any pictures of such, please send or post! Oh, and if youre interested why Im trying to find pictures, its for two reasons: 1) To gather a large photobase of the cabs throughout the years and 2) to see what paint schemes I will choose for my Calico Mine Ride scale model Im making.
  2. I guess the first Eurofighter models werent good enough? Though I do love the new paintjob!
  3. I must be lucky. My parents never cared.
  4. Ive been playing DDR since 3rd Mix, so Ive been around. After that long gap in between 8th Mix and now Supernova though, I got bored with some of the generic stepcharts in DDR. I moved on to ITG/ITG2 which I love. DDR is too easy now a days. (Im sure all the DDR fanboys will love me saying that ) I mean if theres a DDR machine, sure Ill play. I just dont feel amazingly challenged anymore on a DDR machine (unless the pads are crap, which they usually always are!) Oh, and I have a CF pad at home as well, love that thing to death! I barely play arcades now that I have my awesome CF with Stepmania (ITG!)
  5. LOL. Honestly? My neighborhood is very quiet. This is seriously something that never happens, so I thought it might not be a bad idea to attempt to photograph it. Oh, and I also do not condone anyone just randomly running about taking pictures in a situation such as this. Ive had training in ROTC (Military Training) in scenarios such as this, and knew what I was doing and where to take cover. Please dont run around and take photos while guns are drawn unless you have some basic combat instinct and know where to take cover at!
  6. So, today was rather uh...Interesting. For some reasons I really cannot say at this time, there was a police standoff, about 3 houses down from mine, that went from 5 PM to about 11 PM today. Heres how it went. Originally, my dad decided to call me and tell me how there was a Police Car in front of someones house. Being mildy amused, I went outside to check it out. What the...there are two officers behind it with their pistols drawn? Odd. No more than 10 seconds of being out there, an officer sees me and motions for me to go back inside. Okay, fair enough. Thisll probably be over soon. Wrong. Another police unit then pulls up, and another across the street. Not long after yet another police unit comes up on my side. Well, this is getting tense... Just as the second car on my side pulls up, an officer gets out and takes position a car. More units on the other side of the street also start flanking the house. They managed to road block the street, to make sure nobody gets near the scene... More and more officers and cars keep appearing on the far side of the area, and some officers change position again the near side. Just then, another officer sporting a shotgun walks on up on the near side of my house. He takes position behind another police car. More officers on the far side take cover in front of the elementary school in which children are still present. At this point, several officers started knocking on doors, and I had no idea why. I made a mad dash for my car, hoping to get a good street level view of the whole sitation unfolding. I left that position and took a spot closer to my house, feeling just a tad bit safer there. More police activity continued. At this point, officers headed towards the school to inform everyone of what was going on. I started to cross the street, just to inform my neighbors. The police moved in even closer, making sure the suspect wasnt going to leave. Just after this, one of the first officers with tactical gear showed up. I was then informed that the Garden Grove SWAT team was being assembled at this time. While we waited for them, the officer count continued to grow. Just then, more cars pulled up and put up a crime scene barrier in front of my house. I was then told by an officer to evacuate my house. It stretched all the way across the street. So, I abandoned my camera and other computer gear in my house and moved next door. From then on out, it was a long, unchanging standoff. Around 7-8 ish, two buses pulled up, and out poured the GG SWAT team. Not long after, several sharpshooters took perch in a second story of my neighbors house, a roof, and several other areas in case the situation called for a sniper shot. We had quite a bit of lookers, but mainly it was just the people who were evacd from their houses. The standoff continued into the night. Officers tried contacting the suspect many many times, but he did not respond. He had weapons and was making threats to the police. This is probably where it was getting most tense for everyone. SWAT was ready, snipers in position, officers ready to move in, everything. It turned into a waiting game. They didnt use tear gas or anything, probably since everyone was home and the school nearby. This dragged on into the night, till finally, they were given the clearance to move in. SWAT and officers moved in and took down the suspect without firing a shot. Even though it was a bit anti-climatic, it was much better than having shots going off. Many bystanders were around on my side, and probably wouldnt have known what to do if shots were fired. Overally, pretty tense day, but very interesting as well. I asked a neighbor if anything had ever happened like this while he lived here. And he said that in 30+ years, nothing of this magnitude had ever occurred. Though the snipers who occupied my other neighors house were friendly enough to leave a thank you note!
  7. So I seriously just came up with this today. So its a super early beta release, I just want to see what people think of it more than anything before I keep on with it. Its a sort of portable mouse/Euro Fighter thing with a vertical drop, loop, and heartline roll. Since its portable, I tried making a bunch of scaffolding for supports (NOTE: Since it was just made, I spent 0 time on these, theyre not even connected to the track!). Anyways, I started off looking fun, but some of the elements probably would be painful IRL. (A helix that pulls 4.0-3.5 Gs all the way around? Ouch!) Still, I wanna gauge what people think about it. Here you go! #Portable_Paingiver(SuperEarlyBeta).nltrack Remember: SUPER DUPER EARLY BETA.
  8. Whoa...this thing was uh...bizarre. I loved the ending, so arrow with the random hills+hill turn. Yeah, that borders on more of a Vekoma than Arrow!
  9. I will have to say, RCT3 seems sort of poorly made. Even on my high end computer this game still has problems. Im able to run new high end FPS games at high settings fine, but when I play(ed) RCT3, I had to drop it to like low just to discourage the thing from freaking out. And dont tell me that RCT3 is somehow more advanced than some of these FPS games, because they are not. I actually found RCT3 a little dissapointing. They told us all this stuff about how great it was going to be. I bought it, and.....Blech. Cartoony graphics, lagging, horrible load times, choppy framerates. These problems alone led me back to RCT2. But to each their own opinions. And you cant imagine realism in our world if it was 2D? Wow.... If you lack the imagination to do that..just...wow.
  10. Whats the point of having a realistic game like RCT3 if its just going to take up space and lag all the time then?
  11. I enjoy RCT2 much more than RCT3. 2 can be realistic, but most people have already moved on to 3. I own both RCT 2 and 3 (along with 1), but I find myself playing RCT2 much more just because things feel more realistic to me in that game. RCT3 feels so...cartoony. Sure theres detail and such in RCT3, but it feels like another Sim Themepark or Sim Rollercoaster to me. RCT2 just had something RCT3 doesnt have.
  12. And not to double post, but I went ahead and made a little video for anyone who doesnt have NL (or just wants a video) of Tetra. It can be found here. http://d.turboupload.com/d/471445/Tetra.WMV.html
  13. Okay, so I went with massive trees everywhere, and hopefully it enhances the ride some (it looked lame all barren, as well. Tetra is an Intamin Rocket Coaster at a length of 5,677 feet. It operates 3 trains, and IMO could get a decent capacity. Trains are 5 cars long, and it has 2 inversions, as well as some hills and turns mixed in. Its tophat reaches roughly 275 feet up into the air, with a larger drop then ascent. Okay, enough talking, here it is! #Tetra_Patrick.nltrack Tetra, my latest coaster.
  14. Mines more because Ive hit a standstill of what I want to do with it. I could of course release a "beta"of the coaster, showing everyone what its like with just the supports and no real themeing at all, which I might do...
  15. I was walking on the ground and I didnt make a sound. What if the Humungo did wow?
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