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  1. Can you add total B&Ms built per year to this graph too so its easier to see the wave?
  2. DC Rivals soft opened today at about 2:30PM. I was on the fourth or fifth public train and I have to say it is a fantastic ride - I can't wait to ride again! I believe soft openings will be happening until Thursday evening, when the official opening event is scheduled to take place.
  3. The Kumbak trains use the original Vekoma bogies - as the park only had one complete set of bogies, they were only able to get one 'new' train.
  4. ^ No, the SLC opened with two trains - a blue and a red. Over the years, the two trains were butchered together to make one 'purple' train.
  5. ^ Nope, they only allow one entry to each ride via express pass in USJ. I visited about a month ago and would highly recommend getting an express pass.
  6. ^ They are Fairy Penguins (or Little Penguins if you would like to be politically correct), they are fully grown and totally cute!!
  7. Send a message (from the main menu go to help & support, then contact us in the top right hand corner) letting the support team know what happened - I had this happen to me with headbands and they added the headbands I lost to my inventory
  8. If you are only wanting one random number, then the line 'randomNumber = Math.random();' should be placed in the onInt() method. As you are simulating random rollbacks, wouldn't you want the random number generated each time a train is launched?
  9. ^ import nlvm.lang.Math; private double randomNumber = 0; randomNumber = Math.random(); will return a random number between 0 & 1
  10. Thanks, the link is in there now, however the input field still has a 50 character limit so others may also run into this issue in the future.
  11. I did use your tutorial, it helped a lot! Originally there was no randomizer, the switch alternated between the left and right sides each cycle - whilst this helped with blocking, I thought this took away from the 'not knowing' which track you were going to ride. Over on nl-exchange, someone has suggested dual stations which would fix the blocking issues, rather than converging before the final break run
  12. Hey Jonny, have you ridden the coaster or are you looking purely at the pics? My focus on this coaster was more about scripting than track work, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are some uncomfortable moments! I think I put the least amount of effort in the heart line roll!
  13. I seem to be having problems adding a forum link to the Game Exchange - it looks like the forum link area has a maximum length of 50 characters and the URL is more than 50 characters. Would you be able to look into this? Thanks in advance!
  14. This is my first attempt at a coater in NL2 - Slide - a coaster with a twist - will it be wild or will it be mild? You'll just have to ride to find out! Game exchange link:http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=3103 Mild Wild Even more wild! Which ride will you get...mild or wild?!?
  15. ^ I know Robb shoots using Go Pro cameras - Go Pro has an add-on that uses two cameras linked together to shoot in 3D, which is about $100 retail, to me that seems like a very cheap option to shoot high-quality 3D.
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