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Photo TR: IAAPA 2006


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Hey guys!


With the event in Atlanta this year, Robb and Elissa sent me off to check out the annual IAAPA expo in this terrific weather of ours, so without further delay, on to the photos!!


Download the video of the electrocution - it's pretty awesome!!


And that's all from today! I'll be back tomorrow!!


LOL @ Manhattan Express being a "signature coaster"... well, at least its memorable alright!


OK so maybe the electric chair was even better, check out the video at the end!


OMG!! Vomiting hobo == best animatronic ever!!!


YES!!! Finally I am able to get the inside scoop on everything!! (lol.. scoop.. never mind)


Will anyone ever buy this thing?


Are these used anywhere??


Only the best for Hard Rock Park


hooray for panning for gold!


Still the scariest rides ever!! Looking at them makes me want to go to the bathroom...


With China's theme park industry taking off, I'm surprised there aren't more Chinese companies represented..


It wouldn't have been a good day if I didn't see a badass robot


Spain trippers get ready!!


Maurer still has the coolest looking booth for the coaster companies, IMHO


unchanged yet again...


Elissa would have loved it, the crazy frog was ALL OVER the place!!


OK so B&M *did* get something new on display this year...


"Ask about our specials!!"?? Like... buy a torso and two legs and get the head free?


Cedar Fair keeps these guys in business


Hi Cameron! Ball-less pinball...


ah, now that is much cooler! The Ferrari racing game was really awesome, and the hot chicks operating it made it better =)


I can't believe they still sell these! (notice no one actually playing)


S&S had the Screamin Swing again this year...


Right next door was the Preston & Barbieri booth, showcasing there Splash Battle attractions... they stated that three will be opening up next year incl. one in America...


The L&T booth had the lead car from Runaway Train at Gillian's Wonderland on display... which is cool because I loved that ride =)


See.. The Vekoma bike makes riders lean forward more


It looks like you are seated upwards more than the Vekoma ones, with the seat being very similar to the Disk'o seats...


They had the new motorbike coaster on display too, no word if anyone has purchased one yet...


Zamperla still had one of the largest booths at the show (no Disko this year though), and this is a Kangaroo-themed twist to last year's new ride


This was also from Sally, and it is EXACTLY what I imagine Kid Tums will look like ripping out of Elissa!!


The Sally booth was once again really cool! They had a display for the amazing-looking "Curse of Tut.." ride seen on Coaster Expedition Vol. 6


This ride, which I believe is NEW, is from SBF. The "Traffic Jam" won the award for Best new Family Product


Here's a funky hubless ferris wheel from Larson (I think)


Speaking of Coke... mmmm... all parks should have Coke


Here's the Coke-themed flyer that was mentioned in the other IAAPA thread... the Coke company displays it in their Atlanta headquarters


Hm, I wonder who did the GCI video? =)


It wouldn't be the B&M booth without the SUF demo car...


If you haven't seen it before, here's what the floor looks like... the layout changed a bit this year, the rides providers were mostly in Hall B


Here I am ready for the show after a quick stop at the Chick Fil A in the CNN Center... HI LARRY!!


I have to say hi to my mom even though she's in DC... hi mom!


I mean yea, why have the expo in Orlando when you can have it in Atlanta??


yup... cold and crappy downtown Atlanta is hosting again

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So how many bags full of loot did you walk away with. One day I'm gonna get stung with excess baggage flying back to the UK with all the brochures, t-shirts, pin badges, leaflets for merchandise, leaflets for vending machines, leaflets for pizza franchises, leaflets for insurance, leaflets for bouncy castles, leaflets for redemption prizes. Don't know why I bother as never read any of it. Sadly missing it this year due to other commitments but should be going to EAS for the first time next year.

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Very cool...


It seems like the industry is seeing many more new rides. Zamperla is finally making some good rides, Vekoma is making smooth coasters, and Gerstlauer has some really cool layouts. Maurer Shone also seems to have some cool products.


Yet the Intamin/B&M booths remain unchanged, year after year (especially true for B&M).


While I understand that the B&M's sell themselves right now, one day B&M will be faced with their reality: change or be left behind. As I have said, B&M is offering nothing new to the industry. And the industry is saturated with their giant steel monsters. The parks that don't have a B&M are the ones that can't afford one. Eventually B&M will need to get some new products. They can't simply sit there and try to peddle a product that every major park already has.


Meanwhile, (the new) Vekoma and other manufacturers are really upping the competition against B&M and Intamin. They are creating new, fun attractions at nearly the same quality level as B&M and Intamin at a fraction of the price.


Vekoma has finally gotten their product down, gone is the old, poor quality Vekomas of yeteryear, here are the 'new' Vekomas. The same goes for many other manufacturers which are proving themselves to the world.


I believe that the industry is about to have some major changes.

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/\ agreed, not that I have anything against B&M, but I think exciting things have been going on at Vekoma. I've always liked them because of how they seem to be ever changing and trying new things and coming up with some really cool stuff! Its just a shame that the execution (some roughness, maintenence problems) have lowered them a bit, but otherwise I hope the come out over B&M someday. If they got the smooth thing down, they would be one force to be reckoned with.

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^^ Yes, the Gravity Group has a booth. Last year it was mixed into a tight space down one of the smaller aisles, and I didn't see it today. It wasn't exactly the world's most interesting booth anyways...


Elissa though this is the south, remember that Atlanta is a "progressive" city so I guess no mullets


So how many bags full of loot did you walk away with. One day I'm gonna get stung with excess baggage flying back to the UK with all the brochures, t-shirts, pin badges, leaflets for merchandise, leaflets for vending machines, leaflets for pizza franchises, leaflets for insurance, leaflets for bouncy castles, leaflets for redemption prizes. Don't know why I bother as never read any of it.

eh I'm not really into that stuff much, I did get some stuff from GCI, and stuff I found interesting (star Flyer, Splash Battle) or stuff I am unfamiliar with (Nicco Park from India)

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