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  1. For the stats, I told the park via Twitter to change them. It's maybe because of me ! As for the storyline, I think it's not THAT bad, but it could have been better. It's kind of elaborate, but didn't go as viral as they wanted it to be.
  2. I know this is a bit of thread bumping, but they just announced the name of the ride. It will be called Ednör. The ride statistics are a bit off, but it's like they want people to see it as a real sea monter. Just look at the physical dimensions and you'll get a good laugh ! See the link here !
  3. Really interesting graphs. It's amazing to see how on some rides you can go from negative to positive g's so fast. If only every school could do this in physics classes !
  4. Knowing it's Six Flags, I'm guessing they probably either keep the Serial Thriller name or go with another "cut and paste" name. Serial Thriller would translate in an awkward way... I think they should give it a name after a god or something. An appropriate name would be a medieval or celtic name since the ride is located in the medieval section of the park. It might as well be a kind of sea monster. I'm just doing too much speculation. Let's wait and what they'll be coming up with !
  5. I think that the choice of putting an old ride to a new park is great, but it seems weird to have a B&M invert and an SLC at the same park. Maybe they can pull off something great with the "over the water" thing, but I'm still unsure of what the result could look like. I guess we'll have to wait and see ! Also, I wonder what the name will be !
  6. I don't know if I could handle that, but it looks like something I'd like to try once in a lifetime.
  7. I love Goliath at La Ronde, but I want a coaster of at least over 200ft tall in Canada and I believe that CW will have it. I think that an Intamin hypercoaster would make sense and be good for the quality of the coasters at the park.
  8. Nice video, I'm going there on Labor Day for the first time. I hope it will be better than what I see in that video I have no expectations at all, so that's good I guess !
  9. Next time I am near that area, I should do some activities in the adirondack region and hit Great Escape on my way back. We would have went to it, but when we passed by on I87, it was 6 pm and we had about 1:30-2:00 more to go before being home. I might go there on a weekend soon if I have nothing to do since it is not far. I wanted to know how SFGAdv compares to other US parks ? Is it one of the best parks in the US or one of the worst ? If it is the latter, I'm curious to know what makes it bad compared to other parks. Sure, I found the park really fun and everything was positive about it, but did I end up being there on a good day, or is it always like that ? I also wanted to know if the pretzel loop on other flying coasters was as intense as the one on Superman ?
  10. Kindga Ka was really awesome but, the funny thing is that when we got on the train, they moved us to the launch section and then the ride broke ... So we came back to the station and waited about 5-10 minutes more for the mechanics to repair the ride. Our OTSR were still locked and it seemed like a minor problem. Within a couple of minutes, the moved us again to the launch track and our ride started. I still remember the feeling of the acceleration. In my POV, everything around the ride became really blurry except the track itself and I could feel my skin being pushed back and tapping against my face ( I don't know if this makes much sense to you, but it makes sense to me ..). For the rest of the ride, it was fun and the view that you get from the top is amazing, but brief Anyway, I'll have more pictures of the park later on. It depend on when the photo film will be developped !
  11. 2. Six Flags Great Adventure On wednesday we went to SFGAdv and we had a lot of fun ! When we arrived, we bought a parking ticket and parked in the huge parking lot the park has. The view was amazing with (from left to right or where we were) : KK, El Toro, Superman, GASM and Nitro. I am used to La Ronde, so I was a pretty impressed at how the park looks compared to La Ronde. The ambiance was very nice with music and dancing loney tunes characters + dancers and everything before we even entered the park. I just won't forget the ambiance the park has, it was just really amazing. We went to the guest relations to have tickets by showing our season passes and the staff was very kind with us. It took about 2 mins to get the tickets and then we were in ! First thing we did when we entered the park was that we bought a flashpass for 2 people, which costs 42$ and was really worth it. After that, we walked a bit to see what ride we wanted to do first and we decided we would go for El Toro. With our flashpass, we only had to wait 6-7 mins before getting on the ride, on the last row. We never rode anything bigger than Goliath at La Ronde, so we were kind of intimidated of that 76 degree drop. When we were in the drop, I couldn't believe how much airtime there was, it was just really crazy. The ride was really fast and we left the ride wanting for more ! Then after that we went to do Medusa, which was our first floorless coaster. We rode in the front and we loved it. Despite it's age, I found that this ride is still really smooth and fun to ride. After this, we went for GASM. It was a bit rough, but I liked it anyway. It's still way better than Le Super Manège. I will save you the rest, because it would be long to detail everything, but I can say that I do not regret going there. I plan to go back in the future, like next year or the other one to reride all the coasters. The only downside that we found was that at the restaurants, the staff was really slow and really rude. As for the rides, the ops were really nice and looked like they liked their jobs. The operations were faster than what I am used to. I can't compare to other SF park except La Ronde, but I thought that this one had really fine operations. The flashpass we bought was really worth it ! The ride that we waited the most was Kingda Ka, and that was 33 mins + about 20 mins waiting in the station for the front row. The other rides were at most 30 mins with flash pass time + being in line. Here are the pics that might make my TR more interesting ... I have about 30 more coming soon !
  12. Hey everybody ! On tuesday I decided to finaly travel to the US with my girlfriend. I borrowed my parents car and I was determined to go to SFGadv, which I did, and LOVED it ! It was my first time in the US and I wanted to go visit some US amusement park for a pretty long while (since I was about 13, and now I'm 20). I only visited SFGAdv due to lack of time since I had to be back here on friday for work. I will post pics of my trip in parts that will go like 1. A little past the border and Adirondack region + my first Taco Bell experience 2. Six Flags Great Adventure 3. On the way back 1. A little past the border and Adirondack region + my first Taco Bell experience So, me and my girlfriend left at about 1pm on tuesday for what has been an insane car ride. We had looked at the directions on the internet to go all the way to Jackson, NJ by crossing all of the Adirondacks which I found really beautiful and worth of passing through. It was a bit long at times, but the beauty of it made up for it ! When we were in Malta, we stopped at Taco Bell there to eat a bit. It was my first time eating Taco Bell and now I so wish there was more of them over here in Montreal, or in Canada. I took the chicken grilled taquitos which were godly and really worth the money. My girlfriend took some taco's with spicy sauce which was more spicy than we thought it would be, and it was good too ! After our stop in Malta, we continued our way to New Jersey heading to Garden State Parkway. Next up, Great Adventure ! Some nice scenery The Adirondack are so peaceful A beautiful lake Cool cliff ! Some bridge that we liked the shape of ! On a funky bridge (see below) My car got dirty because of insects hitting the windshield ... This was on our way back, but I'll tell you something about it later on Yay, Plattsburg downtown or something alike !
  13. I don't know if you want to try, but instead of wearing glasses, you could always try contact lenses. Not all people are confortable with them, but if you try some and you feel ok with them, why not wear that instead of glasses ? It would remove your fear from losing your glasses on a ride. I always wear contact lenses and I never had any problem on any rides (not even Kingda Ka or El Toro). It's just a suggestion, but if you haven't tried, you should give it a try !
  14. Well, I went yesterday and I had the brilliant idea to buy a flashpass and I rode EVERY COASTER with a maximum wait of 33 mins for Kingda Ka ! I'll be posting a photo TR very soon ! All I can say is that all the rides were alot of fun compared to what I'm used to ( La Ronde ...). KK and El Toro are definitely my favorites !
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