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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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This one, after a great day with the family at SFMM. First visit there and no complaints, apart from the queue at Ninja. Can't believe we waited 15min for it.

First coaster ridden in the USA= Full throtttle. Excellent ride.



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My last coaster I rode during the 2014 season was the REBEL YELL COASTER during the weekend of King's Dominion's HALLO-WEEKEND. I decided to wait until nightfall before riding this coaster. The experience turned out to be H, E, double hockey sticks!


First, they were only running one side of the coaster. Second, the longest line I've ever seen were waiting to get on, but I didn't mind because I was planning to ride up in the front. Third, as a single rider, I ended getting bumped up to ride with another single rider, which I didn't mind. Finally, this other rider ( who was a female and even fatter than I was ) became my definition of "The rider from H, E, double hockey sticks!"


The coaster car was finally dispatched ( it took a while because Miss Fatty had a hard time with her seat belt) and we were on our way. We get to the lift hill and we suddenly STOPPED!!! Miss Fatty starts to panic and was screaming and I was telling her to calm down. Ten long minutes later, they finally get the lift hill moving and it's a long time until we reached the top. As the coaster car begins to go down the first hill, Miss Fatty starts to panic and screaming again and she grabs my arm. Most men don't mind, but I DON'T LIKE TO BE TOUCHED BY ANYONE, so I slapped her hands away and told her to use the handrails, but she doesn't listen and grabs my arms real tightly and won't let go. Folks, when that train arrived back at the station, I was happier than a snake around a belly dancer's torso when I got off.


I rode the Rebel Yell many times for many years, but that had to be the worst ride I ever had. As 2015 season approaches, here's to having many wonderful rollercoaster rides and none of them with Miss Fatty.

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