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  1. Nice, thanks for the pictures! Looks further along than I would have guessed, hah.
  2. Thanks! Yeah, I just saw that Calico was down, so Saturday it is! Taking a friend who's never been, can't go when the most Knott's Knott's ride is down!
  3. Hi Knott's regulars, was hoping for some advice. Any idea how packed it might be on this Saturday? Would a fast lane be at all worth it (uhh, the park hasn't been running single train ops, has it)? And, any guess if Friday would be WAY emptier than Saturday? Chance I could Friday instead, but it would be for less of the day.
  4. Was hoping some of you might be able to give me some Magic Mountain advice. I am planning to go to the park either Friday or Saturday this week while in LA, but I'm unsure which is the better option. Saturday has much longer hours (open until 9 instead of 6), but I presume Friday will be much emptier. Anyone have any guesses how much less crowded it would be Friday, and on weekdays do they still typically run multiple trains on every coaster? Many thanks!
  5. Hasn't been mentioned, but I'd also consider Tatsu for a "ropedrop" ride. It tends to have the second longest/slowest line in my experience (behind X2). As mentioned before, other than increased chance of dueling early in the day, the TC line is never that bad since it has the best ops and three trains.
  6. I've never noticed them having to do that on RailBlazer. Maybe someone who goes to the park even more frequently would know more, but I've been on it probably a 20-30 times and never seen it.
  7. Yeah, showed up on the CGA park blog today. As far as I know there was no announcement before this. https://www.cagreatamerica.com/blog/2018/blazing-new-trails-all-around-the-park Also taking out a Planet Snoopy ride, "Snoopy’s Splash Dance". On the plus side, some bathrooms are being renovated and a bunch of midways are being redone. So...there's a lot going on at the park!
  8. In my experience (I'm not local but make it to the park a few times a year from Northern California), X2 and Tatsu have the longest lines, and tend to have reliability issues. So if you see those running, I'd start with them. At the same time, park should be pretty empty so it likely won't be a problem either way.
  9. I'm still trying to comprehend how they were even able to put VR on that ride. The season they did it was the year I didn't get a pass so I never figured out, although I don't think I would ever try VR on that ride. I have earrings now too & flashback to the day when my father got stabbed by his earrings coming off that painful ride. It actually wasn't too bad. It had been years since I'd ridden it, but they did a little reprofiling in the middle and adjusted the restraints, and those both helped. I found especially towards the front with the VR I felt fine (relatively). Back was still not great, but not a nauseating as I expected. Definitely. While it's spinning low towards the ground and moving slowly it definitely makes me feel queasy. It's kind of a problem because it takes awhile for it to slow down and stop at the end, so I'll be enjoying it in the middle of the ride, then while it's slowing down decide I'd really like to get off
  10. Woah, I never noticed that before. That does seem kind of odd, right? I wonder if it's somehow noise related or something (although RailBlazer is suppose to have the "silent" lift, and Patriot/Vortex is in the middle of the park). How odd.
  11. SFDK and Skyline Attractions showed off the lead car for Harley Quinn this morning. Not bad, hopefully the OTS restraints aren't too unpleasant (they don't look awful). Related, if any of you are interested I wrote a piece on the history of Skyline and they're development of the Skywarp for Coaster101 last week (hoping it's OK to share this since it is relevant). I'm cautiously optimistic that this'll be a pretty fun ride (way better than a Larson loop): https://www.coaster101.com/2017/11/08/how-skyline-attractions-developed-skywarp/
  12. I don't really disagree with this, but it's probably a good idea to keep in mind that earnings calls are not for fans or customers of Cedar Fair parks, they're for investors. If trying to read between the lines it's a good idea not to think like a roller coaster enthusiast, but like the head of a mutual fund...
  13. CGA teasing the new ride on Twitter! https://twitter.com/CAGreatAmerica/status/886997267709796352
  14. Thanks for reading my interview. For those of you who are interested in the whole thing, here's the link (it's pretty fascinating stuff, even beyond this): www.coaster101.com/2017/07/11/how-sally-corp-builds-top-end-dark-rides-to-regional-parks-with-john-wood-and-rich-hill/
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