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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Ditto, Boulder Dash was unbelievable in August when I was there, I've got it at #2 behind Phoenix, and ahead of El Toro and SFNE Ride of Steel, which is my top tier coasters. Last coaster I rode - Phoenix.


This seems like my exact list


For me, I rode Raptor, last Saturday night....well worth the hour-plus wait for my first ride on it.

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A trim-less ride on Raging Bull on opening day at Fright Fest. Has anyone else noticed that the trims on Bull haven't been on hard if at all this year, or am I just lucky? I've only had one ride where they were on as hard as they were last year, but they haven't been on hard if at all on my other rides.

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I rode De Vliegende Hollander yesterday in Efteling!! No words!! It was breathtaking. The first part with all the mist surrounding your boat, you didnt know we were you going to go...then, when the mist disappears you see a huge watre curtain with images in it, then you go through that courtain and there is a lift hill, all surrouned by huge water courtains and flashes!! incredible, then there is a down hill and then you go out of the building!! no words really!! i rode it twice: an hour of queu each time!!! wow!


Flying Dutchman, outside

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