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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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The Canyon Blaster at Adventuredome in Las Vegas was officially my last ride of 2008. It was my 632 coaster run. Until March I'm stuck in the off-season. 2008 was the best coaster year ever & thanks to TPR's Behemoth/Ravine Flyer II Trip & East Coast trip I got over 200 credits, got to 600+ coaster runs (I count how many times I ride roller coasters each year. 632 runs means in general I rode a roller coaster that many times in 2008!) & had the best time of my life meeting great people who enjoy my hobby. Is is March yet

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Cyclone at Dreamworld - Australia.

It would have been about 4 weeks ago now when i went to QLD for a holiday.. Now, no more coasters for a long time. Apart from 3 travelling ones at the eastershow thats coming up! Woo. Next real good coaster wont be till next year at least :[

Waterbom Bali in September! Woo, waterslide credit :]


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