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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 2017: Top Thrill Dragster RETIRED!?!?!?

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oh, 50 pages of guessing?? NO!!! Never!!!


It's more like 50 pages of the EXACT LAYOUT of the coaster!!


We know where everything is going to be and everything, we don't have to wait for CP to make an announcement!!


Okay, I'm done now.


EDIT: No, seriously, nobody has a clue. 50 pages of pure guessing. But they're having fun.

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well...... when i got back from looking at some auction items they had, my mom said that the guys at our table said that the '07 CP project is an Intamin Wingwalker.


Yeah, but who were the guys at the table? If they were just a table full of coaster enthusiasts their comments were just speculation and mean as much as what the Lemon Chill guy says.

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MMM, yummy eggs! LoL


I dont think it supposed to be eggs. I think it is a toilet full of pee and some pee stains on the seat. Nice Drawing


^Was that from eating donkey-flavored lentil-soup and cornbread? Because I will be eating at a Crackel Barrel Restaurant next month..lol

*I'm upset that I didn't receive a gold star for 'guessing' in the first place..lol


Unless it (Wes drawing-interpretation) was a replica of managements brain after they took on Paramount Parks debt-load?! Hmm...points to ponder.

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^ Yep, nothing screams old west like huge amounts of bright red steel. Psst, hey CP, guess what, I'm told Intamin also makes woodies. Oh, you mean you could care less about fitting in with the theme of the area? Oh, okay, I just thought you were smarter than that. Nevermind then, go about your business.

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What type of Coaster do you guys want to see at Cedar Point..?


I have only been there once in 2000 and love it. I was sad to leave


Spent 16 hours there, I had flown 9 hours just to visit the Park and Kings Island within a 2 week period.



I would like to see a large "Water/liquid coaster" or the largest "Booster Bike" coaster made.

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...still saying that suppots is grey/silver and not beige...


(Wait a sec!! someone taking about the actual topic!)


I agree with you. I've had my color vision tested before with normal results, and I'm not seeing how those supports are anything other than grey.


As long as they can support Robb's weight if I happen to be on the midwest trip with him next year, I don't care what color they are.

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