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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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That happens to be right where the trims are. Maybe they are adding magnetic brakes, which would be awesome


Why would that be awesome? There would be no more random trimless rides.


Interesting picture. I'm going to say it valleyed. It has been both chilly and windy lately.

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^Yeah, I gotta say retrofitting those trains with magnetic brakes, while plausible, wouldn't be practical. That ride performs very, very differently from day to day depending on weather because of its location right on the lakefront. The trims are turned off on colder/windier days so it has enough speed to finish and keep the interval up, and turned on when it's warm/humid so it doesn't kill all 36 people on board. Magnetic brakes would probably throw a wrench in that equilibrium they have going with the trims. Not only that, I can't even imagine how strong the magnetic brakes would have to be on the final brake run because that thing FLIES into those brakes.

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First up are random updates from around the park. MaXair got some new paint and the only thing in the spot that Demon Drop used to occupy is dirt.


April 19, 2010 Blog


Cedar Point is having an auction to be one of the first riders for Shoot the Rapids.

First Riders and More


Want to be the first to ride Shoot the Rapids and help out a great cause? Then click here to place a bid for a chance to have those bragging rights!


Your bids benefit the Firelands Chapter of the American Red Cross. As they say, bid early, bid often.

April 21, 2010 Blog


And now for some Shoot the Rapids pictures! Here are a couple before and after pics.




After. Notice the water cannons at the bottom?






Some people have said that there may be some theming in the tunnel, but based on its size it would be very minimal.


Gates have been installed


An overview of Shoot the Rapids. Look, the waterfalls are running!


Of course more pictures can be found in their construction gallery.

April 15, 2010 Construction

April 19, 2010 Construction

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I'd say the very obvious pipes on the outside wall, as well as the kinda-themed lanters, would indicate it will be fully enclosed. Perhaps some audio themeing? I can hope...


I'm actually looking forward to this more than I expected I'd be. I typically pass on CP's water rides, but this may change that up a bit.

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In regards to the park's First Rider auction for Shoot The Rapids, I'll be there on Opening Day to be one of the first 30 riders on the ride. I posted a winning bid of 100 dollars, it tickles my pride that I'll forever be part of Cedar Point's ride history and that I'll have memories that will last a lifetime.


I'm fricking excited, I'll make sure to have photos from the event.



Link for reference.

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So since this is Cedar Point related I thought you guys might like to see! I came across this photo on facebook. It was taken yesterday... But no one can figure it out! Any ideas?



This photo was apparently taken in the fall, not recently. We placed a car on the track to install a new trim brake. Did I mention we have a new water ride this year? It's pretty sweet.

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Gates have been installed


Why would they want gates on a ride like this? I mean, is this going to be like Pilgrim's Plunge where boats don't stop at the station and people have to board the boats while in motion or is this going to use a stop-and-go system like a coaster?

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