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  1. Rode El Toro three times on Sunday and it was AMAZING (as usual). ALSO, rode Green Lantern today with a co-worker for a bit on the radio. I posted the audio here if you'd like to listen... http://www.mediafire.com/?kg2ghg6si9d5gaz Rode Chang a few years ago, but I don't remember liking it as much as I like Green Lantern. Really enjoyed it!!
  2. Another year without Timberliners? A few more spots dropped in Mitch's poll :-/
  3. El Toro at Freizeit, er, I mean, at SFGAdv's Fright Fest....Wishful thinking
  4. Seriously!? There's still faith in this dude's plan? I'd sooner trust Charlie Sheen with my bag of coke.
  5. A ride voting competition that starts tomorrow? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-InDqB-Bro
  6. A few showers for Saturday http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/USCA1182
  7. LOL! What was the wait for?? Did you not have QBots? That seems uncharacteristic of you guys. Or was this at Gargaland?
  8. I'd start by determining which park will have fewer fat Italian men in speedos. I saw far too many at Mirabilandia
  9. Just got back into the city after a few days in Cleveland, OH...And what was the first thing I did?? Ordered pizza!!
  10. I never have trouble getting a cab, unless it's between 5pm-7pm. I believe that's a scheduled shift change so most of the cabs you'll see have their off duty lights on. Also, it's TOTALLY true that taxi drivers racially profile, they're encouraged to...Check it out here: http://nyulocal.com/city/2010/12/08/ny-taxi-union-racially-profiling-is-perfectly-fine/
  11. ^I agree. Top of the Rock is a WAY better experience than Empire State. TOTR provides a better view of Central Park, it's cleaner, updated and it allows for a great view of the Empire State Building, something you don't get while standing on top of the Empire State Building Plus, there's all those dreaded lines at Empire State (from Wikipedia)... There's a semi-fast pass option, though. Allows you to skip a few lines. Even still, Rockefeller Center/Plaza offers much more in terms of an overall experience, espeicially during the holidays. If you're going to do an observation deck, TOTR is where it's at IMO.
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