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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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^ Aha, but that's where you're wrong!


In fact, S:tR has a wide, quick, but overall very medium 5-9 splash radius. PP's splash, on the other hand, is more of a "water wall," and has a generally recognized splash radius of 10-20. Water rides with a splash radius of less than 10 are usually referred to as "Flumelites", and over 10 are "Hyper Chutes." Clearly, the two rides are ENTIRELY different.


And this isn't even considering wetness to ride length ratios.

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In fact, S:tR has a wide, quick, but overall very medium 5-9 splash radius. PP's splash, on the other hand, is more of a "water wall," and has a generally recognized splash radius of 10-20.


Um, have you actually seen Pilgrims Plunge's splash? It isn't large at all. It's size is nothing like the park had anticipated/advertised.

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Does it really matter if StR and PP are chutes or flumes? They are both water rides that make a big splash and get people wet. End of discussion.


Yes it does matter, because if CP fanboys don't have anything to complain or boast about, they will spontaneously explode into a gooey puddle. Their rides need to be better and different than all others...or else!

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The ability to tone down the splash to make it an acceptable amount of wetness instead of the tidal wave of chute-the-chutes rides is the difference.


Just to jump in on this real quick, you're a little off on the reason the splash isn't as big. They made it so there was a long run-out before the splash and then a gradual plunge into the water because if you hit deep water at over 50 mph, the deceleration would be pretty extreme and most certainly unsafe. Also, those boats could never create a "wall of water" because they don't have a broad enough front like normal chute boats and wouldn't displace enough water to create the same splash that a 50-foot chute could create. Holiday World just had a genius brush stroke of marketing for that ride. Either way, I rode it last year and you still get soaked regardless of wave size.

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Man I miss Cedar Point. Used to go there almost every summer when I was a kid growing up in Michigan. Last trip there was in 1990. I keep saying I'm going to go back and it never happens. I'd love to get the BF to go with me, but he can't do hardly any rides without getting motion sick, so I'd be stuck having to ride everything by myself since I'd mainly be going for the coasters (and the Cedar Downs horse race carousel... best carousel EVER!!! My friends & I used to bet quarters on which of our horses would "win").

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So Sunday should be good? Weather permitting, of course. The reason I ask is because I am going with a group of buddies, which includes people who have never been there before, and I don't want their first CP experience to be waiting 4 hours in line, and riding 3 things all day. I'm going to work 40+ hours a week in the summer, so weekdays are most likely out of the question. The 23rd is no good, the 30th is memorial day weekend, and the next weekend after that is Coastermania, so the 16th may be my only option.


Also, another question, what about things like ride glitches, training, etc.? I've gone during opening week quite a few times and have never had any problems, but being only the 2nd day they are open, the possibility sits in the back of my mind that rides could be closed or run slowly because of newly trained ride ops who are still getting the hang of things, or perhaps bugs from the winter that still need to be worked out.

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^I wouldn't think you'd have even a slight problem on Sunday. In 2008 when I was still working there, I went into the park on a Sunday in May and literally rode 39 separate rides, including 14 of the coasters, most with no wait. That was also with an hour delay in the middle of the day for rain. And opening weekend is hit or miss with ride closings. 2007 was a great opening weekend for maintenance, 2008 was a disaster.

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Yeah, I went on a Sunday last year in early June and had no problems, crowd-wise. I just hate that Chik-Fil-A is closed. lol


I was just concerned about it being opening weekend. Thanks for the help!


If anyone else has any more ideas or advice regarding my concern, I will be listening (or reading, I guess, lol). I appreciate it!

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^ In the past, yes definitely, you had whole midways to yourself, but not as much now. Ever since they added "Math and Science Week" to their events schedule a few years ago (which is opening week every year), the park is completely overrun by kids...it's extremely annoying, I'll never go during opening week again as long as it's still an event.


They recently added something (new within the past couple years, if not this year, I believe) the second week also called "Amusement Park 101 Week," which sounds very similar to M&S week. They are realizing how dead the park is and are adding events to attract more people during those slow times. It was nice having literally the ENTIRE park to ourselves before M&S week was added (I recall instances where we were the ONLY ONES on the pathways at times...I remember looking all around and not seeing a soul), but I could easily tell that it was hurting them, and that it wouldn't last too long before some event was added to draw more people. I wonder how bad that second, "Amusement Park 101" week will be?


By the time all these "events" are over, it's already time for Coastermania and kids to get out of school. I think the dead weekdays at Cedar Point in May might be on their way out.

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Sorry for the double post, but this is something completely different.


For those wondering if MF is going to get re-painted any time soon, here is your answer (I'm sure the same thing applies to Dragster also).


In the newest blog entry, T&T said that MaXair got re-painted for this season. Someone then asked about MF and it's paint situation.





How come MaxAir is getting a paint job? Its only 5 years old! MF is on it's 10th birthday THIS YEAR and desparately could use the paint job!



That's a good question. Painting a thrill ride like maXair and a coaster like Millennium Force are two completely different animals. maXair needed some help and it's relatively easy to paint. Millennium is more of a complicated, costly procedure, so we're holding off for now. We hear ya loud and clear, trust me. Right now, it's just not feasible.



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Cedar Point has added some new photos of the latest construction for Shoot the Rapids.




The foundation for the ride photo building is taking shape


This concrete pad will be the queue line and railroad crossing.


Workers are finishing the final splash pool and exit ramp.


The rock canyons are formed on the island.


Forming the rock work.


The island splash pool and rock work.


The vast pool that will soon be filled with water.


Lift hill 1 and 2.


Forming the rock canyons.


The bottom of the first and tallest drop.



Looking back at the 85-foot-tall hill.



The turn out of the station will soon turn into a tunnel.


The overall ride area.


Workers prepare Snake River Falls for a fresh coat of paint.

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