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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Not only by removing several family attractions


Out of curiosity what family rides? They removed one of their 3 car rides which still leaves them with one more car ride than 95% of major parks, a redundant observation tower and Paddle wheel excursions. In that same time they added Lake Erie Eagles, Pipe Scream and Dinosaurs Alive so in my mind it's kind of a wash. Even if you don't count Dinosaurs Alive it still doesn't seem like a huge deal.


Disaster transport


Space spiral

Turnpike cars

White water landing

Swan boats




Not to mention raising the height requirements on rides like iron dragon. There are not many rides left in the park that the entire family(kids and adults ) can enjoy together.


The Dino thing is not really a big deal. My kids have been through it once or twice, and have not asked to go back. And the only reason we went into it in the first place, was because it was free with our passes. Just about every zoo or musium seems to have a Dino exhibit of some kind these days. Come to think of it, the 2 times we walked on the Dino trail, it was almost a ghost town.


I love the coasters that they are building, but I would also like to have a decent amount of family attractions that we can all enjoy together.

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When I was younger I loved that it seemed Cedar Point was just geared towards thrill seekers and there wasn't a whole lot for an entire family. Now that I am adult have have a family I still feel the same. Kings Island is a fairly short drive south and is great for families. If i want Family I go to Kings Island, If I want big thrills I head to Cedar Point. I know not everyone feels the same but that's the way I have always looked at that.

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If there's a saving grace is that Platinum Pass Holders still can pay $99 for a Saturday for FL+. I'm flying up in a few weeks to visit KI for the first time on Friday and then driving during the night to CP. I freaked out when I saw the FL+ cost for Saturday...luckily, the $99 as a pass holder benefit is still worth it on a Saturday.

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I remember going to Six Flags when Fast Lane (which it was called there at the time) was like $5, and the insane amount of b*tching from the people waiting in the regular line when they realized people could buy their way to the front. It's amazing how times change, now it's 20x the price and no one blinks.

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Hello Cedar Point fans! I am new here and wanted to share photos I took of Top Thrill Dragster with you, enjoy and please comment!


They are ok pics but pretty fuzzy. They look like they were taken with a video camera and then screen captured.


I would suggest either using your phone's camera or getting a decent digital one.

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This a mega-troll move however what this also tells me is that Cedar Point listens. They know they have to cater to the general public but they know people have a higher expectation of them as a park. I think the build board publicity moves and this note highlight the fact that they are know as a park of record breakers. Funny picture.

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I was at the park last weekend and was able to grab a few shots from halloweekends.


Nothing too special, but thought you guys would enjoy.


Friday night had VERY short waits.


This is one of the new fright zones.


Yep.....more parts


A few shots of the construction area.





Let's check out the track piece.









Tony clark getting in on the fun.




Gatekeeper doing its thing


This years magic show has a bunch of new scenes.


Blaze is a new area this year


Lots of this stuff to look at


Looks like dragster can use a new paint job.


Still my favorate ride in the park


The witch kicking off the festivities.


Crappy ride, but still beautiful


Skeleton crew was ok.


The new slaughter house haunted house



The moon and raptor


The power of the tower


It's nice that they are making use of the props from the paddlewheel ride, but I would rather have the ride back.


The show at the red garter(think it was called edge of madness?) was ok. The songs were the same as last year and the singers could not hit a lot of the notes. Still a good show, and packed.


These singing pumpkins were singing the song from the haunted mansion.


A few more random shots....


Foam pit must be new this year


Mantis has made it into the ride graveyard.


Blurry picture, but demon drop still lives on in the park. I spotted this while in line for hexed.


That's all I got this week. Ill be back in a week or two.

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I'm going to CP tonight! Wish me luck that not all of the coasters are closed due to high winds... At least the crowds should be pretty low since it's a terrible night to go! (I probably wouldn't be going except somebody in my party bought a couple of day-specific tickets for tonight... )

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