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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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X's crew has really picked up the ball as far as capacity is concerned. Kudos to them for really kicking it up a notch on a coaster infamous for being a pain to operate!


If you think about it Six Flags has really cleaned up their act over the past year or so. I'm starting to enjoy Six Flags parks more than Cedar Fair parks.

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the crew is just awful at keeping it up.






The X crew does haul in my opinion. A few weeks back us Santa Claritians and Chris went to a Chipotle that sits on a hill, where you can see the whole park throught the windows. X had a train on lift, like, every 3 minutes! It was crazy. And I've been in there and the ground crew works very quickly. Dispatches just depend on how many people are socializing at the panel on the bridge.



I'm going to try to do a mini-update soon, before I go on Midwest. I'll try.



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I don't know what you guys are talking about with X... I waited from the ramp over an hour last Monday and didn't even make it into the station before we bailed.


How many trains were on? if there was only one, Thats not a surprise that the line was that long. On days with only one train, the line builds and never really gets shorter.

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^There were two trains... yeah, I should have mentioned that. Also, I saw one train go up empty once (whether there was a problem with it or not, I don't know, since I still wasn't in the freaking station).


Also, three moron bimbos ran up the single rider line to ride with their boyfriends. I yelled at them but a few people just laughed. I should have reported them but, oh well.

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When I was at SFMM last year, the X crew was very bad. The first time I rode was the second ride of the day, so I don't know how long people waited then. The second time I rode, towards the end of the day, I was in the station in 30 minutes, I though that it would be a good, quick wait, I was wrong. When I got in there I waited an hour and a half before I got on, yes an hour and a half. No breakdowns, just a very slow crew. I waited two hours total for what should have been an hour at the most.

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I was there two weeks ago on a Teusday night. Arrived at 7 and finished the park by 9:30. Needless to say, small lines on pretty much everything except Tatsu and X. The off season or off days in the summer are the times to go, I don't think I would attempt SFMM on a summer Sat or Sun. Sure, there are little things here and there upkeep wise that you see, but all in all the park is improving compared to what it used to be.

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I don't know what you guys are talking about with X... I waited from the ramp over an hour last Monday and didn't even make it into the station before we bailed.


if you're talking about monday 7/23, I was there that day as well, and I went straight in the mornign, waited maybe 20 or 25 minutes. I went again later and waited just as long if not shorter. I didn't look at the line at other times during the day but I did't see any ghost trains go around.


Tatsu opened both stations that day, but each station only had one train, meaning that whichever line (for stations) you went into, you'd have to wait a bit for the train to do it's whole cycle. I went to the left station because the right one was longer (some people don't notice the line extends underneath the switch rail and then up, as opposed to the slightly shorter line.


anyhoo, X was ROUGH AS HELL in quite a few places. bottom of the drop, raven turn or whater, and...basicaly any maneuver it made hurt. I felt like I was riding a WILD mechanical bull...ouch.

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Hey folks!


Well, in an effort to make up for my obvious lack-of-updates for the past few months, I skipped down to the park and decided to shoot a “mini-Update” before departing tomorrow for the TPR Midwest Trip. It’s really short, but I hope you enjoy it regardless!



The first matter of business, I suppose, would be a “Sell Out Pt. 2” update. As I mentioned in my last update, SFMM has been absolutely plastered with advertisements and such, in an effort to pick up spare change like a ride op at FreeFall.


They’ve added yellow ‘footprints’, as to suggest for passers-by to attempt the various “Starbursts Poses”.


But despite this addition and the use of the parks recently re-vamped TV system to push advertisements, my personal favorite would have to be Dejavu’s horrible “Heinz” advertisements.


From here, the ride still appears to carry some dignity….


…but it begins to lose it when Heinz greets you at the entrance…


…and tells really crappy jokes!...


…And the crew is sporting sexy Heinz hats and “shake it up!” pins!... (appropriate for a Vekoma!)


…and tells you to conclude your “Dejavu experience” by smothering crappy SFMM food with lots and lots of ketchup!


In other news…


They now offer an “all you can drink” promotion, with $15 souvenir cups.


The new smoking area near Tatsu has “opened” up.


Peekaboo…I see you!




And then finally, the last order of business, way back in March I showed some pictures of the then-recently repainted Ninja and of how sexy it is. I also said that I had learned of what the next ride to be repainted is…


…that’s right. Superman is slated to be the next ride to be repainted, most likely this fall. But no, it wont be painted white, grey, or anything that resembles it’s current scheme.


Test-paint samples, as seen from Goliath.


That’s right—Superman is supposed to be repainted the traditional “Superman” colors, the colors of Six Flag’s other Superman rides. I personally don’t know how to feel about this. It should be “interesting”, I suppose—but I rather just see the ride removed all-together!






I wouldn’t expect to see the Falls back until at least 2008.







Well, that’s it for your mini-Update! I hope you enjoyed it! I’m off for the Midwest now! See you all later!


-Jahan (arrowfanman@yahoo.com)

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