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  1. I rode Avalanche at Timber Falls 84 times in like 3 hours last yr.
  2. New trains arent comin til 2029...and the machines take over then so whats the point.
  3. I forgot to mention that I rode Goliath with Turk from the TV show Scrubs one of the days...
  4. First day: Arrived at the park around 6pm, and decided to head to Goliath first. Got on with about a 20 minute wait. Good ride, although I would probably take Raging Bull over it. The first drop was good, and the first airtime hill was really good. The midcourse comes right away in this ride. The helix on this coaster is extremely intense, as I greyed out for about 2 seconds each time. 8/10. I then proceeded to BTR. Same ol same ol. 8/10. Riddler's Revenge was next, and I used the single rider line to get on in about 10-15 minutes because of a breakdown. Definitely the best stand up coaster out there, great drop and great first loop. Being 6'2", I could barely fit onto this. A couple inches taller and I don't even know if I could fit. 8/10 It was then time for Viper, which was a one train wait. Screw all you Arrow haters, this ride owns. I liked it better than Great American Scream Machine and Shockwave, the drop being steeper is the main reason. Typical arrow roughness, but nothing dramatic. 8/10. It was FINALLY time for X, my most anticipated coaster of my life. To my dismay, the single rider line wasn't being used for the 3 days I was there, damn you Six Flags. Got on in about 45-50 minutes. Incredible ride. The first drop is one of the best out there, and the ride is insane from start to finish. Yes its short and yes it is quite rough (definitely smoother on an inside row) but its definitely a top 5 coaster for me. The ending was the only part I found really rough. 10/10. Since it was dark out already, I decided to head to Scream for a few rides. This coaster didn't have more than a one train wait the entire 3 days I visited. Basically a parking lot version of Medusa. Awesome ride. 8/10. I then headed back to X for one last ride to close out the night and save Tatsu for the next day. Ride totals: Goliath: 2 BTR: 1 Riddler's Revenge: 1 Viper: 1 Scream: 2 X: 2 Day 2: Arrived at opening this time. Went to X to start off the day, great ride as always. Tatsu was next. Great ride, its extremely tall compared to Superman: Ultimate Flight. Seems almost twice as tall. And unlike S:UF, it actually does stuff, like a corkscrew, an awesome zero g roll, a massive pretzel loop and an inline twist. It also flew over the park instead of a grassy field which was great. Wasn't as good as X though, but it was one of B&M's best coasters. 9/10. After that, I went over by Goliath and Scream for a while, both with very short waits if at all. Re-rode Scream a bunch of times. Got on Colossus as well. Not much to say, not much airtime and quite rough and the bottom of the drops. 4/10. Also got on Ninja and Deja Vu shortly after, thought Ninja was ok, gave it a 5. Deja Vu was kinda weird being off at the edge of the park in the middle of the desert. 8/10. After climbing the brutal hill to Samurai Summit, I got on Superman: The Escape. Decent launch and the airtime was alright. Not much else to say. 6/10. Around 6, X was about a 2-3 train wait. Rode it 6 or 7 times in a row. Somebody gave me a couple flashpasses which I used on Tatsu. Also went to Tatsu for the last ride of the night, when it was finally using the dual station. Why they decided to open up the 2nd side this late I don't know. Ride totals: X: 8 Scream: 10 BTR: 1 Tatsu: 4 Goldrusher: 1 Riddler's Revenge: 1 Ninja: 1 Deja Vu: 1 Viper: 8 Colossus: 1 Superman: The Escape: 3 Goliath: 2 Revolution: 1 Day 3 Decided to go to the park right before closing, got there at 9:20 pm. Not much to say, just rode Scream a couple times then went on X to close out the night. Overall, I definitely think this park is on the rise. Extremely clean park. Operations were typical Six Flags operations, and Tatsu crew is the worst of the worst.
  5. ^It was about a 5 min wait or so for back car. Silver Bullet was a one train wait for most of the day.
  6. I was staying at the Knott's Berry Farm Resort Hotel, so I got my ticket and walked over to the park shortly after opening. Decided to head to Xcelerator first. Nearly empty station, and rode it 7 times, all with short waits and one re-ride. Amazing ride. The launch is one of if not the best out there, and the airtime over the tophat is unbelieveable. Overbanks were pretty cool also. Liked the back row the most. Out of the 3 Intamin Rocket coasters I have been on (Xcelerator, Kingda Ka, Stormrunner) I liked Xcelerator the best. 10/10. Rode boomerang after this. Had sunburn shoulders so this really hurt. Same ol boomerang ride. 4/10. I then headed over to Silver Bullet. Out of all the B&M inverts I have been on (many BTRs, Montu, Great Bear, Talon, Alpengeist) this was definitely the worst. The drop was very weak, and it just didn't have enough speed through the inversions. The zero g roll wasn't really a zero g roll. However, the worst B&M invert is still good, so I give it a 7/10. It was then time for Montezooma's Revenge. Sweet ride, definitely exceeded expectations. The launch was better than V2's, the loop was intense, and the back spike was great in the back. 7/10. I walked to Quizno's for lunch, then headed back to the park. Finally it was time to ride Ghostrider. Good ride, but the 2nd half was insanely rough. Villain style. The first half did have some damn good airtime though, and overall I thought it was a very good wooden coaster. The 2nd half just made me feel like my ribs were broken. 7/10. The rest of the day I just walked back and forth and rode each coaster a couple times until closing. The park is very small and all coasters except Ghostrider are on one side of the park so there isn't much walking to do at this park. Some other rides I rode that day: Jaguar: It's like a big kiddie coaster. 3/10 Sierra Sidewinder: Ok ride, you don't spin that much though. Waited the longest for this that day. 5/10 Perilous Plunge: Wow, so glad I went on this. Awesome airtime in the back. 8/10. Does anyone know why CoasterFanatics considers this a coaster?? SupremeScream: Good S&S drop tower, was only running turbo drop that day. Ride totals: Xcelerator: 20 Silver Bullet: 9 Montezooma's Revenge: 4 Ghostrider: 5 Boomerang: 1 Jaguar: 1 Sierra Sidewinder: 1 Perilous Plunge: 1 Supreme Scream: 1 Total: 43 Since I don't think 2 coasters warrant a new TR, I will just post my Vegas experience here. On the way back to Vegas from KBF, we stopped at Buffalo Bill's for Desperado, but it happened to be pouring out so it was closed. Middle of the desert, were it had only rained ONCE so far this year, and it was pouring. Moved on. Went to the Sahara for Speed: The Ride. Decent ride. Liked the 2nd set of LIMs where it speeds you up again. Does not hold on the tower like Mr Freeze and Chiller. Was very cool being on the Vegas strip and all. 7/10 Was now time for Manhattan Express. I was expecting this to be horrible and extremely rough. Was neither. This ride wasn't that rough at all. After waiting for a good 15 minutes or so, finally got on this. Hated the unnecessary OTSR's. Best part about this ride was the amazing dive loop. It flips you over for a second then dives. Looked like it had some airtime hills at the end so I kinda wish I would of rode in the back, but oh well. 6/10
  7. The last 2 days the only coasters that had the SRL were Ninja and Riddler's Revenge.
  8. Yeah the Tatsu crew was a joke yesterday. They didn't open the dual station til right before park closing. They only had 2 trains on then also. However, on my last ride of the night I did get to ride it Mobius style
  9. Other than the final turnaround, I don't think Eagle is very rough. It's a must ride if your at the park only once.
  10. What row is X the best in?
  11. So I will be going to the West Coast July 18th. I will be at SFMM Wed July 18th, Thu the 19th and maybe Fri the 20th. I will be at KBF Monday the 23rd. Will be in Vegas briefly Tues the 24th. I will be a single rider, so what ride should I go to first? Last? Any food suggestions for both parks? Is Manhattan Express worth $12.50 for the credit? Any discounts for Speed: The Ride, Manhattan Express or KBF that you guys know about? (I have a Six Flags Season Pass). Any other suggestions such as car/row recommendations for certain coasters, times to ride each ride, or anything else an enthusiast from IL may need to know is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks
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