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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^^Those are some nice looking murals.


Although I wonder how that rumor of Flashback moving over to Psyclone's spot is holding up? Doubtful since its "mural" was painted over.


Not necessarily. If it comes back, it will most likely be rethemed and given a new name.


Yeah I too have wondered as to why they never made one for X or Deja Vu. But my guess it they added the two more recently built coasters...Who knows, maybe the other two will get a mural built too...or they'll have to take out 2 coasters to make room for their murals ;D.

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I saw Mike over at Revolution. He was doing an awesome job rockin' tha mic. The hot opp that was in the control booth would look mortified every time he spoke as if he was intentionally trying to embarrass her. I thought you did an awesome job Mike. Keep it up. It's nice to see employees that actually like their jobs. Not just seat fillers. Oh, by the way, is it just me or are their a bunch of HOT chicks working there this summer. Jahan, Mike, Chris, you all need to make tha "round tha Mountain" club and see how many of them you can score with.

Now go!

Thanks Guy! I try to encourage my crew to me enthusiastic on the microphones. Today we were totally in Whipper-snapper Wally World mode.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey everybody!


Well, it has been over two months since I have posted an update and I’ve had several people asking me in all sorts of ways, “Where the hell is a SFMM Update?!?!?1”. The truth of the matter, is there hasn’t really been anything to update on! It really is hard to believe how little has changed in the past few months! And trust me, I’m not kidding! I’ve actually been in the park visiting at least 15-20 times since the last update on random walks and visits. Well, I’ve finally managed to milk out a small update out of the happenings the past few weeks. Don’t get too excited now! You’ll have to treat this update as you would treat Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage—you waited forever for it, and it was a good, but probably not worth the wait.





Hope you still manage to enjoy the update. Here you go…





A Little More, Here and There


As I had explained several times, if you were listening, the obvious lack of updates was due to the fact that nothing has really been going on at the park! The summer is here and the large volume of crowds makes it no longer convenient to shut down large areas to refurbish the park. That doesn’t mean however, that the park has stopped with little improvements, here and there. The most obvious and apparent has to be the new Tatsu and Scream paintings, on the “Greatest Coasters EVAR” wall, but you would be surprised to see some of the other stuff happening. Let us take a look!


As stated, the Psyclone and Flashback paintings have been replaced with Tatsu and Scream. As Robb said, this is “something that didn’t NEED to happen”, but did anyway. Impressive!


The Scream painting. LOLz at the trees in the painting. It really makes you wonder why there is no X or Dejavu. Hmmm…*strokes chin*


A new pathway/rest area is growing adjacent to the Rapids Camp Crossing area.


My guess is a new “designated smoking area”.


In my 4th of July PTR, I mentioned how the Riddler’s sign has been broken for over a year…..


…well, about a week after posting it, the sign was fixed!


Yay for looking super-sexy again! Maybe they pulled a Mark Twain once it was reported. Just kidding…I’m glad I’m no Al Lutz.


The bathroom behind Mooseburger is being refurbished. Don’t know if this was mandatory or voluntary, but it is rather extensive. Very exciting, I know.


There are now strobes on the hill, where the waterfall should be. After fireworks, they use them to make the hill “sparkle”, similar to what they use on the former Tom Sawyer Island during Fantasmic!. It actually looks very nice.


Goliath has now received loose-article storage! The cabinet appears to be designed to handle 3 train operation, but I doubt it will ever be used for that. Either way, it’s a welcomed addition.






Cheap Plug Position #47


As I heard one wise-man say today, “the theme park industry is so large and saturated, parks have turned to in-park advertising and new ticket options to improve profits”. Well, that isn’t truer than in SFMM, a park that has sold out by selling seemingly every blank-space in the park to some sort of advertiser. Starbursts, TBS, Home Depot, Listerine, LA Looks, and several others now advertise beside numerous park-promotions. I suppose it isn’t a problem, as they don’t really get in your way. Just cheapens the park even more though, in my opinion.


A park-promotion board, over by Thrill Shot. Many of these boards are in the park now. They were mere foundations when I last posted an update.


They’re advertising on walls, stairways…


…on lampposts…


…on free-standing signs (the park-related H.D. signs are my “favorites”)….


…even in the smack-dab middle of midways!


There is also advertising on the park’s TV system, which mostly has been working lately, as well as over the park PA (it isn’t uncommon to hear multiple “Marines” ads over the park PA).



…I realize by posting all these “update pictures”, I’ve only further perpetuated the advertisements, so I’ll cut it out now!





Entertaining Changes


In my last update, the focus seemed to fall upon SFMM’s foods department, with the opening of 3 new foods experiences. This update I’ll cover entertainment a bit. It is true that SFMM entertainment has been out in the park with full force this year! Character meet-and-greets (now with scheduled appearance boards), random midway entertainers, stage shows, stunt demos, as well as daily parades and on weekends, nightly fireworks. Seriously…it’s pretty crazy!


First up will be the new “street-sports demo”, called Ride the Mountain.


There are several ramps set up in front of Gotham City and in front of the Riddler’s Revenge, for various skateboard and BMX “stunt demos”.


Personally, I found the “demo” to be rather lackluster. I am also baffled as to how they are allowed to let minors perform these “stunts”. Either way, I guess it is something new and I’m sure the little boys in the park will love to see some skateboarder ollie or grind or something. For more info, you can visit the show’s Myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/ridethemountain .


There is also a “mad science” presentation in the Magic Moments Theater. I actually want to see this one, as it’s an air-conditioned experience. SFMM needs more of those!


A nearby poster to attract guests to the show.


I also went to go see the Batman Stunt Show last week. I also love fire.


I guess the Tumbler was down for maintenance or something, because Batman came out on the much less-impressive “Batmobike”. It was a fair supplement until…


…well, until Batman’s cape got caught in the drive chain and they had to cancel the show.


That being said, it still is an impressive performance. I was with a first-timer during this show and despite the humorous canceling, he said he would never thought he could find something like it in SFMM. And yes, he said it as a compliment.



They also have a really splendiferous photo-op after the show!


Finally, I leave you with the “Bucket of Spontaneous Fun”, or what I personally call the “fun bucket”. It basically drives around, playing music, with a spieling host/hostess trying to get the crowd “pumped”. I cant decide if it’s cute or annoying.





Random Crap and Closing


It would appear that the train in Bunny World has been causing problems. I mean, the freakin’ caboose is just sitting on the walkway!



“We here at Magic Mountain hold safety as our highest priority. That is why we ask all guests to pass through a metal detector and watch our talented security attendants fail to make recognizable balloon animals.”




As of today, for the past two days, the fountain has been completely shut off. One can only hope it’s in an effort to bring back the waterfalls, but I don’t know why for sure. Let us all cross our fingers!


…Yup. It’s still there.


…although, remember the lengthy process of removing electronics and such from Psyclone before the teardown? Well, word on the street is that they have already done that for Flashback and are just awaiting crowds to die to tear down, probably after Hurricane Harbor closes.


As for the Metro’s return, it is safe to say that absolutely no progress has been made on that project.


Finally, I have been told that SFMM has gotten yet another new Director of Operations. Seriously, that position is like “Harry Potter’s” “Defense Against the Dark Arts” teacher!—it is cursed and constantly changing! Although, from what I’ve heard about the guy, he is definitely bringing a positive attitude to Magic Mountain’s operations, particularly in the area of efficiency. One can only hope he is successful and doesn’t get “broken” like SFMM’s past DoO’s.





Well folks, that is it! Like I said—this is like Nemo. If you didn’t have high expectations for this update, you might have very-well enjoyed it! Not much is physically going on at Magic Mountain as the park attempts to focus on its operations instead of messing with refurbishments during the busy summer season. And supposedly it’s working! Remember last year, in mid-July, all that the park had worked for in the Spring was in ruins and chaos by this time. Well, I’ve had a few problems this year (such as the smoking/cell-phone employees at Jet Stream), though a higher-volume of people means a higher-volume of problems. I think it’s safe to say that for the most part, SFMM is holding together this year. I don’t know why and am personally surprised, but something is working. And with that, I conclude today’s update.


Thank you all for waiting all this time and reading! I really appreciate it! Feel free to post any questions, comments, concerns, and/or/maybe praise!


-Jahan (arrowfanman@yahoo.com)

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Nice update. The park actually looks very clean and fun! I need to get out there again to see the park. It has been a few years and after seeing some recent pictures and hearing some positive reviews, I would like to make a trip back out there. Maybe I should start a "Bring Me Back to the Mountain Fund! LOL Anyway, nice job.

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Great update! glad to see that the park is holding up great.




one question though, hows the lines? does tatsu still have 7 minute dispatches?


As long as you dont go on a weekend, you'll be fine. Even in the midst of summer, if you show up in the morning on a weekday, the lines should be short.


And yes, the Tatsu crew still sucks. I'd say their dispatches are averaging out at 5 minutes an dispatch.



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I always liked the murrels. I guess it's good that they've been updated. It's strange that they skipped X and Vu, and went strait to Scream and Tatsu. I sorta miss the Psyclone and Flashback murrels;They were better than the rides themselves. Does anyone even remeber what they looked like?


Alexander "Some Please Post Pictures Of All Of The Past/Present Coaster Murrels" Dickey

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^If I recall correctly, the art of Scream's mural is taken from the original concept art they had released for the ride, which had the trees like that. I think this might be the case, as they used Tatsu's concept art for that mural. That being said, even though I enjoy Scream despite the lack of landscaping, it would be nice to see them put in a few trees and rocks or something. Maybe that is something they are planning to do in the future.


As far as X and Deja Vu not having murals-I wouldn't read too much into their not having X listed on the "Greatest Coasters" wall, they seem pretty proud of it as one of their star attractions (They have X as one of the "highlighted" coasters on the park's home page, are featuring it very prominently right along with Tatsu and Goliath in their latest advertising, and I assume they are still about to get new trains which will hopefully improve capacity and ride experience) and we might see it up there yet. I'm not sure on Deja Vu, as I never see it in advertising or bring hyped up on their site, but I don't see any reason why they would not add it as well. Since X and Deja Vu were "technically" both announced for 2001 (even though X was delayed until 2002) they might replace one of the older coaster murals with one featuring both of them.


The park really seems to be doing better, I think perhaps new management has a good idea of how to polish what is a diamond in the rough. If they keep on with the trend of improving upon the assets which they have rather than adding a ton of new stuff, continue to make improvements like more and better food choices, and improve ride operations and throughput on Tatsu (last time I was there the wait was absurd) I think they're on a good track.

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^If I recall correctly, the art of Scream's mural is taken from the original concept art they had released for the ride, which had the trees like that. I think this might be the case, as they used Tatsu's concept art for that mural.


!!! I was thinking the same thing too...but it turns out it's not.





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^ Ha, you have to wait until tomorrow! I went today! Anywho, it was a great visit to the park. We got on every coaster except for Deja Vu and the operations were great. Smoother than normal rides to be had on X, Viper, and Revolution. I hadn't been on Roaring Rapids for a while, so I went on that and got absolutley drenched. Overall, a great park visit!


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Smoother than normal rides to be had on X, Viper, and Revolution. I hadn't been on Roaring Rapids for a while, so I went on that and got absolutley drenched.

Same thing happened to me but X was terrible. Viper was smooth in the front along with Revolution. Back seat on both was kinda rough. And RR, the water was past our ankles. No part of our body was dry! BTW, there was like a three-minute wait for RR. Viper's station was dead. Ride ops just sat and waited for people.

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