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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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Picture below of the wall in Gotham and the completed Road Runner Express


I'm hoping this means they may finally do some work on the Round-Up? Maybe this is why Atom Smasher has had such a long rehab, it's being re-themed? One can hope.


As for Road Runner, I know it's a Roller-Skater, and a pretty quiet ride, but is it too close to SFHH? People are still going to be screaming while on the ride, and I know noise has been a complaint of Life Guards for years there.


As for crowds yesterday, it wasn't as empty as I thought it would be, but it was still not busy. Got two rides on Tatsu when the park opened, crew seemed a bit better, but not as good as they should be. Gold Rusher 2 trains on the track, but only filling one (not an issue, there were like 4 other people on the train with us). Riddlers was a walk-on for the front row. Colossus about a 10 minute wait, Goliath 5 minutes, Superman about 15-20. People waiting for the front don't know how to get out of the way.


Rode Roaring Rapids for the first time since it's rehab, it looks great. They did some great work on the boats.


Also, for those of you in SoCal, KROQ is doing another of their KROQ nights this Friday.


Here are the pics:


Closed Gotham


Road Runner Express

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Thanks for the pictures. It is really cool to see Roadrunner finally finished. I was just thinking yesterday how it seems funny to have two kid coasters themed to roadrunner. I thought it would be cool to name this one after Speedy Gonzalez. Oh well. It's too bad they have to close the whole Gotham area, but I'm sure that corner of the park will look really nice by the end of this summer.

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Now if they would just redevelop the Baja Ridge and "Cyclone Bay" area of the park(desperate need of new buildings...and a flat). A sweet flat up by Viper(tear down Panda and move it over to the top queue area of Revolution which is major dead space), that would be good...

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That "private party" isnt really private, at least not the one this Friday. KROQ and other radio stations are giving away tix, or you can buy them through SFMM if you got the email about it.


As for the lines, the last one I went to a few years ago, the lines were ok, not amazing TPR ERT status, but a normal off season day at the park. Walk on to the lesser rides, and 10-15 for the bigger ones. Tatsu and Salvation weren't built when I went.

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^This was posted several pages back. We had a discussion about the 'private events'. Google the date and see what other organizations are also having a 'private' party that night. We've all been to private parties that were empty, and ones that were more crowded than during the day.


You really don't know unless you do the research and see who will be attending.

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Regarding Panda Express in Baja Ridge....


Do you think they will ever move it to Samurai Summit?

Perhaps then, they can open a Mexican Restaurant in Baja Ridge?

And then, only then, they can move the Pizza Place to the DC comics area?


It all just seems to fit the theming better. I have been thinking these thoughts for a long time...does anybody else agree?


EDIT-----Regarding AAA night, as I remember people posting in this very thread, it was completely DEAD last year. Perhaps somebody that went can chime in.

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Today, screamscape posted some issues with Green Lantern.


"I don’t know the exact truth, but the basic gist of the story is that a major sponsor for the new Green Lantern movie is PepsiCo. (Who didn’t see a special Green Lantern Mt. Dew can on the way to stores this summer?) Well, Six Flags theme parks are Coke branded, so apparently anytime Six Flags want to run an ad for Green Lantern and mention special offers like 2-for-1 tickets with a Coke Can, or even offers for coupons at your local McDonalds or Wendy’s (also Coke chains) Warner Bros. has informed Six Flags that they can not use the name “Green Lantern” at all to promote the new coaster.

For example, in the New York / New Jersey area I’ve been told early ads have been seen simply telling you to come to SFGAdv to ride their “new Stand Up coaster”. Similar problems will crop up for Magic Mountain as well. If they just run a simple ad for the coaster and nothing else, they’re good… but add in anything else, and proof… Green Lantern vanishes. This is despite the fact that technically, Six Flags isn’t using a license connection to the movie at all, but simply to the comic character. The problem is, Warner Bros. has final say as the owner of the movie and the comic franchise… and their deal with PepsiCo is more important and valuable to them than any deal with Six Flags."

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Private Party's held on Friday:


KROQ (of course)

Local 721: http://www.seiu721.org/benefits_programs/SFMM%20Private%20Party%20April%2029%2C%202011%20web.pdf

Some dating thing (at least that's what it looks like to me):

A Church: http://www.cornerstonescv.com/event/2011-04-29-souled-out-to-magic-mountain/


Not sure what other radio stations are doing it ... but doesn't seem like it would be too bad.


The combination of KROQ and a church is interesting though.

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Just got a Discover card for the sole purpose of using it at Six Flags. Kinda feel like a sucker, but what the heck. Maybe it will allow me to ride X2 two times before everyone else runs to the ride.

This is a great perk - trust me! I've been a cardholder for 20 years. You enter via a very short line, plus get in 5 minutes early.

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I'll be in California in May and will visit MM on Wednesday the 25th - hopefully it'll be not too crowded....


Plus doing Disney on Monday and Knotts on Tuesday...


And a question: Is it okay in US parks - and MM - to keep sitting when no one or only a few people are waiting when the train enters the station? In germany - specially Hansapark and Heide-Park there was never a problem with this....

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