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  1. Enjoyed park today 10:30 to 3pm. Girlfriend got in for free as hoped. Second parking lot was half full when I left, which not bad considering it was BFF and gay special event. Weather was perfect.
  2. ok i see it now. gonna print out the offer in case they refuse to let her in
  3. My gold pass page states friend is half price tomorrow..... https://i.imgur.com/Pqw7XGq.png
  4. do you have a Gold pass? it's bring a friend free on the 22nd. thank you. does that mean it will be crowded?
  5. can someone please tell me the cheapest way to buy a ticket for visiting September 22? I have a season pass but my girlfriend needs a ticket. any coupons from Del taco for example?
  6. Whistlestop train closed??????? Screw that. Screw you, six flags. Not worth the trip now!
  7. I would not stop myself, so it's all good. Even Tatsu and X2 will have no wait?
  8. How crowded will the park be this week on a weekday? Will most rides be walk ons?
  9. Where's a cool place to hang out in the park? If you had to spend a day at MM and you could not ride any rides, how would you spend your day?
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