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  1. Enjoyed park today 10:30 to 3pm. Girlfriend got in for free as hoped. Second parking lot was half full when I left, which not bad considering it was BFF and gay special event. Weather was perfect.
  2. ok i see it now. gonna print out the offer in case they refuse to let her in
  3. My gold pass page states friend is half price tomorrow..... https://i.imgur.com/Pqw7XGq.png
  4. do you have a Gold pass? it's bring a friend free on the 22nd. thank you. does that mean it will be crowded?
  5. can someone please tell me the cheapest way to buy a ticket for visiting September 22? I have a season pass but my girlfriend needs a ticket. any coupons from Del taco for example?
  6. Whistlestop train closed??????? Screw that. Screw you, six flags. Not worth the trip now!
  7. I would not stop myself, so it's all good. Even Tatsu and X2 will have no wait?
  8. How crowded will the park be this week on a weekday? Will most rides be walk ons?
  9. Where's a cool place to hang out in the park? If you had to spend a day at MM and you could not ride any rides, how would you spend your day?
  10. Hi everyone. Can you please tell me which rides currently offer single rider?
  11. Six Flags unveils new attractions for every park in 2017 http://www.latimes.com/travel/themeparks/la-tr-six-flags-2017-20160831-snap-story.html
  12. What about Lex? My favorite ride by far. It's an inexpensive form of base jumping. And you get to see other people almost have a heart attack.
  13. They really should place signs in front of the parking gates when most of the park is not operating. It's like letting people into a movie theater when they know the projectors are broken.
  14. Just got home. Spent 4 hours at MM. Rode single rider of Revolution about 8 times. It is so nice without shoulder restraints. Didn't try the VR version because I didn't want to stand on line for an hour. Rode single rider at Lex about 20 times. Rode TC 4 times. TC wait was about 10 minutes. The first two sections of the paved parking lot was filled today, so not so bad. Didn't want to pay $15 for lunch, so I left and ate at Castaic. I won't be back until August 2017, because I am spoiled and will never go on a busy day again. Riding Revolution without shoulder restraints was very special for me because I am 46 years old and I grew up in New York and loved the film Rollercoaster when it first played on HBO. I saw that film probably 30 times when I was a kid. I finally know how the ride felt when the ride was brand new.
  15. Driving from Fresno to Six Flags today because this is the least busy week of the year. Woohoo!
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