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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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Just a thought, but if Magic Mountain builds a new coaster for 2012, I hope it's not focused on inversions. I just saw that the park has the record for the most inversions in a park at 35. The second place park is Thorpe Park with 22. I think we have more than enough inversions. It's time to focus on airtime! I would love an Intamin Mega or Giga.

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Unfortunately, flat rides can't compete with all the big projects opening in so-cal in 2012, at least that's the way the park will see it. I can only hope they'll start adding them in along with the bigger projects, kind of like what's happening with Roadrunner. A decent sized drop tower, an S&S swing and a sprinkling of smaller family style flats would do wonders for SFMM.

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^^ Actually, if it's the same kind/type/size of station that

INSANE is at Grona Lund, Stockholm...


It ain't gonna be that big to begin with, LOL!


The queue/line configuration will probably

be bigger and take up more room outside,

than in the loading station, itself.

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Oh Crap...I can totally see the Tatsu station as a drive thru McDonalds...I never thought of that before...not a bad idea either...I can pick up my #11 Southern Chicken sandwich combo meal as I depart the station....perhaps Green Lantern can be themed to Chick-Fil-A or better yet, to a Rally's or Checkers....

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I may have missed it, but are there any plans for a TPR Green Lantern event once it opens?


I haven't heard anything, but figuring that there's been something for Terminator and X2, (which is why you asked in the first place) I wouldn't be surprised to see an event announced in the near future.

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A lack of flats has been a reoccurring theme on this Thread, and I just wanted to put out some of my ides of what SFMM can do to solve this problem. These are just dreams of what could possibly be done wit the availiable space. I think if these flats are marketed well, they could bring in just as many guests as a new roller coaster, except they're cheaper and take up less space.


First, In Thrill Shot's place, a 300' Mondial Windseeker, like the one at Knott's.


On the plot of this vacant building next to Sky Tower, an S&S Screamin' Swing, like Sky Hawk at Cedar Point. It could swing right off the mountain.


At the old Eagle's Flight station (the V-shaped building used for Haunt) on the top of the mountain, the world's tallest Intaimn Drop Tower, similar to the one at King's Island.


On the now unused plot next to Deja Vu, a Huss Giant Frisbee, like Delirium at King's Island


Next to Scream, a Huss Top Spin, like Riptide at Knott's. Along with a re-theme could add some life into that whole area.


A Mexican-themed flat like Wipeout at Knott's being put in Revolution's old overflow queue.

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