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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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The Coaster Guy just posted a new update about what appears to be markings for YOLOcoaster's footers. Some of them are placed in odd locations, such as this one beneath Gold Rusher.

? Is Gold rusher leaving or?


Goldrusher is in Full Throttle's announcement video, so it isn't leaving (hopefully). A wild guess is they are using Goldrusher's track as a reference point for construction, but I'm no engineer so who knows.

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You know the guys at SFMM are just randomly putting these everywhere just to see our reactions.


Actually, I did it! I sneaked into the park in the wee hours of the morning and spraypainted random marks all over the place. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

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It could be possible that it's just a marker indicating where some utility is buried, right? Maybe marking it on a fixed object like the bracket is easier than clearing/spraying weeds/leaves/dirt?


Why would they care about some utility buried under coaster track? More than likely it is just a fixed reference point to place all the other markers.

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Went to SFMM on Sunday for a nice little half day of rides.

Ride Count:


Gold Rusher



Green Lantern



Lex Luthor


Ended up being pretty cold and windy, at least for this San Diego kid. One Train operation on X2, Apocalypse, Riddler, Gold Rusher. Had the worst rides on Riddler and Green Lantern that I have had on either ride. Riddler's rattle was crazy and gave a nice headache and I think it raped my ears on the OTSR. . Rode GL once and it didn't come close to flipping once, quite boring. Pretty so-so day, park didn't look crowded based on the parking lot but X2, Apocalypse, Riddlers and Tatsu had 1 hour waits due to one train or slow operations. Superman, Ninja and Scream were closed.

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I've found, after riding 50+ times, that it will flip the most when it isn't very unbalanced. It is best when it is slightly unbalanced but not totally. Balanced rides warrant 1 flip and unbalanced rides warrant 0-1. But if you get it just right it will be insane, escpecially in the second half of the ride. It's just gotta be just right.

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The Ski resort I worked at and have been going to for over 20 years has been using similar buses for the past 5+ years. This couldn't possibly be any worse than that.

*shakes head*


*face palm*


*insert any other internet meme here for amazingly stupid thing said that I'm in disbelief over*


I don't get it...


While the clientele may be different your actually much more likely to be stabbed on a ski bus.

*shakes head*




I'm a new user and I don't claim to know an awful ton about the amusement park industry and especially not ski resorts. What he said doesn't sound too crazy, but again I wouldn't call myself the most knowledgeable person concerning these subjects.


Could you please explain to me what sounds so off to you about what he said? I'm just very curious here and looking to learn more.

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