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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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Friday report from Magic Mountain:


I arrived around 3pm

Ninja running 2 trains

Pocky running 2 trains now Yea!

Gold Rusher closed, but opened later

Scream closed


As others reported, Superman's entry has a sign staying it's closed for future improvements. I wanted to ride LLDoD with Superman running to shake the tower.


One other assorted note, since I was at both Knotts and MM today, I saw churros were over $1 cheaper at the Mountain.

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Also, me and my friend got on the Slingshot. We split it since we used my season pass to get the better deal.


How much is it with the season pass discount?


$30 for 2 people with a season pass. Not a bad shake if you can split it with a friend. It is $40 for 2 people without the season pass.

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^Not to mention a water ride! With as hot as it gets out there, they needed all of the water attractions they had.




While it seems that they may have removed the log ride because of ride deterioration, high cost of maintenance or whatever...losing a decent family water ride does seem a bit odd with as hot as it get's there. I'm sure that they could have reprofiled or rebuilt the ride cheaper than it's going to be to build Yolocoaster.


Guess they just expect everyone will migrate over to Hurricane Harbor if they can get there before the sun stroke kicks in? While I have never been to HH, it didn't look all that large from the parking lot so I assume that lines would be insanely long on a hot summer day.


I remember being there the year Tatsu opened (in August) and even with the misting fans I thought I was going to pass out from heat exhaustion. The water rides in the park were all much welcomed attractions after standing in those uber hot coaster lines!

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^ HH can get pretty busy, we usually go up on Sunday morning in the summer, stay until about 1 or 2 and are usually able to do most everything with minimal waits. I think we went 7 or 8 times this past summer.


I'm hoping they add a Season Pass Flash Pass this year where you can pay 1 price and get a Flash Pass for each visit.

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I still think the idea from WCB a few years ago was the best. Let us all bring in a few rocks, and we will easily fill in Scream's parking lot! The sad part of SFMM is that they have such great potential, but just are not willing to take the risks/pay the money to run it like it used to be.

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I still think the idea from WCB a few years ago was the best. Let us all bring in a few rocks, and we will easily fill in Scream's parking lot!

YES! The "Gravel-A-Thon!" The idea was that everyone needed to bring a 5 pound bag of gravel to get into WCB. We had about 600 people that year, and I would think we could have covered a good part of the parking lot with 3,000 pounds of gravel!


The idea didn't go over so well, though...

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No! We should instead volunteer to reliant the lines. They did a good job theming Scream to a parking lot, but the lines need to be reprinted to maintain the theme.


On another note, dies anyone else find it moderately odd that, when Log Jammer's removal was announced in favor of a new coaster, few people cared that much about Log Jammer, and now, once that new coaster has been announced, everyone wants Log Jammer back?

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No one is happy with what they get, they just bitch about what is there.

I don't think that's always true. I can think of many examples even in just the past couple of years where a ride was announced and the majority of people really seemed to like it, both during it's development and after it opened...


- New Texas Giant

- Radiator Springs Racers

- Transformers

- Wodan

- Intimidator 305

- Cheetah Hunt

- Verbolten

- Big Grizzly Mountain

- Twister


Just to name a few...


I think why this coaster in particular has raised so much discussion is that, even though it never seemed to be talked about much, people REALLY DID like Log Jammer, as SFMM certainly doesn't have very many non-coaster rides or rides for the entire family (in fact, it may very well be the most un-balanced park in the world), and, quite frankly, as good as Full Throttle may end up being, I think many people's "expectations" were for something that have a bit more "ride" to it, and be a bit less "gimmicky."


My personal feeling is that I think the ride will be fun as I actually really do like Premier Rides, but I'm also in the camp that thinks that this ride is not what the park "needs."


I'm not a Cedar Point fanboy either, and I certainly have not been impressed with any B&M Wing Riders, but I actually think Gatekeeper fits Cedar Point more than Full Throttle fits Magic Mountain. But that's just me...



Edited by robbalvey
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^^I agree Rob...I LOVE Premier Rides, and I think, if given the chance, they can and could have come up with something SO kick-ass for the site! I just think SFMM wanted to take the easy way out. Even if it wasn't a air machine ride....I always thought a BIGGER, MORE INSANE version of Poltergeist or one of those clones, would have filled up that space nicely!

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I rarely rode the log ride at SFMM, but that is because it either always had a long line, or it was too cold. It always seemed busy during the summer. It didn't seem to be one of those rides that no one went on so their is no point in keeping it. It really was great for families.

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So SFMM attracts a pretty rambunctious/dangerous crowd?


I'm still trying to wrap my head around how you guys view this park.


The police substation is not on site because of the views of anyone at TPR. The substation is there based actions of a small minority of SFMM's patrons.

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Last week I was told to come back in March to get the coupon book.


Yesterday they were telling everybody January. LOL.


As for Log Jammer, I loved it and would ride it a LOT. Honestly, over the past few years, Jet Stream is probably the ride in the park we've ridden the most.


One of our most memorable rides on Log Jammer was at WCB 2011 (I think) and we all got absolutely soaked. Good times ... good times.

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