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  1. Yeah CP has a limited operating season so it makes way more financial sense for them to have it open on opening day or close to it. SFMM is open year round so it makes sense that they aren't in nearly as much of a hurry. This isn't like a contest or anything. Different parks with different needs. Both look pretty fun.
  2. I think it'd be pretty cool to see you guys make a jump that sends someone over the wooden fence. I just think that every time someone crashes into it.
  3. Anything new is welcome to me. I'd take Windseeker over Dinosaurs Alive any day. I'm sure DAs would be a more efficient use of money. I also doubt CF would build any more Windseekers with the built ones currently being SBNO.
  4. TBH, a B&M invert would be pretty outdated whenever it is installed. I'd welcome it like I would anything else new, but I would much prefer any other type of B&M. I've always really wanted to see a Giant Inverted Boomerang on the amphitheater site. I've always heard better things about GIBs than most B&M Inverts. At least a GIB looks like it'd be better than Silver Bullet at Knotts or Patriot at WoF. I think it would look really cool there standing among Wild Thing and Steel Venom.
  5. Whenever someone says "I remember when it was awesome" I instantly think NOSTALGIA. At the end of the day, it's just amusement parks. They don't make them for us they make them to make money. Valleyfair is my home park and then I have Mall of America and Nickelodeon Universe nearby. The only Intamin rides in the state are Avatar Airbender at NU and Steel Venom at Valleyfair. There are no B&M rides in the state. The closest would be at SFGAm. I have few complaints about my home parks and enjoy them for what they are. I'm hopeful that Valleyfair can be more thrilling 10+ years from now and I've made peace with the fact that I'll have to travel for thrills until then. I wouldn't say the LA area has the best amusement parks in the world, but they are certainly pretty good. SFMM in particular has the most coasters in the world. I understand bad ops and an unruly crowd can take away from that experience a bit, but I figure it still has to be better than what I have in MN. Again, I've never been to SFMM so I may be talking a little too far out of my... I have been to Disneyland and Knotts so I can partially attest to the bit about LA crowds being more abrasive than others.
  6. What possible plans for 2014 have you heard? I heard they were looking to do something to the path between steel venom/challenge park and the rest of the park. This was from some Q&A someone had with valleyfair higher ups months back. I think it was coaster craze or something. I'd be pretty happy if they added good flat rides to that area. Windseeker (as long as it's not SBNO) and a giant Frisbee like MaxAir at CP would be welcome additions. I'm sure there are other smaller flats that could work too. I really want to see something get done with the amphitheater site. That thing has been standing around unused for years now. I'd much rather see it get ripped down and turned into something else than upgraded and available for concerts. Then there are the Go-Kart tracks which are possible to get removed. If those are gone then Challenge Park will get reduced to just being Ripcord.
  7. This makes me lol too much. TBH, with Valleyfair as my home amusement park, I would be thrilled to have bathrooms decent enough to critique like that.
  8. So SFMM attracts a pretty rambunctious/dangerous crowd? I'm still trying to wrap my head around how you guys view this park. By the way most of you talk about it you'd think it was an awful horrible place. I mean there is an awful lot of full throttle bashing here. It looks like a pretty fun ride that I would guess going to be better than other somewhat similar rides such as Mr Freeze:Reverse Blast and Xcelerator. I love both of those rides and I can't imagine Full Throttle not being a fun experience. Yeah the YOLO advertisement is lame, but its made for some good laughs. Though I really shouldn't talk. I've never been to SFMM. Apparently, they have some of the worst ride ops around according to you guys. It's just that I can't imagine park patrons of any other place complaining about getting Full Throttle.
  9. I'm kinda surprised I haven't seen this attempted before. There have to be like a ton of things you can do to expand on this. Can't wait to see what gets added next.
  10. Dinosaurs Alive is pretty small as far as expansions go. It wouldn't be unrealistic to think we can finally get that B&M Invert,Floorless,Standing,Wingrider, Dive, or whatever coaster that many including myself have been hoping for in 2014. The park is very due for a major new ride. Then again, we've been due for a major new ride for a while...
  11. *shakes head* *face palm* *insert any other internet meme here for amazingly stupid thing said that I'm in disbelief over* I don't get it... While the clientele may be different your actually much more likely to be stabbed on a ski bus. *shakes head* *facepalm* I'm a new user and I don't claim to know an awful ton about the amusement park industry and especially not ski resorts. What he said doesn't sound too crazy, but again I wouldn't call myself the most knowledgeable person concerning these subjects. Could you please explain to me what sounds so off to you about what he said? I'm just very curious here and looking to learn more.
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