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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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I liked Log Jammer, especially how it had the one drop up top before the second main drop. But I've always been more fond of Jet Stream, maybe that's why I wasn't brokenhearted that they took out Log Jammer? I definitely think that they should look into a water attraction in the future. An Intamin water coaster in the vain of Divertical could work really well at the park, and it still adds to their coaster count.

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I too hope another water ride is in the future plans of the park. I totally understand why Log Jammer had to go (those pumps were on their last legs), but as everyone has said---it leaves a big hole in the parks ride line up. The three other water rides are not exactly high capacity, and there already isn't much to do for families as it is.

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^Definitely. They are taking out many family attractions for new coasters. I have no problem with it, but families do. For the next few seasons, Six Flags should focus on repopulating the family ride count starting with a water ride. It will help even out the age groups hanging out at the park.

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