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Matilda The Musical Review - Dr. Phillips Center Orlando

Postby robbalvey » Wed May 10, 2017 10:37 pm

Just got back from seeing Matilda at the Dr. Phillips Center here in Orlando. First off, I just want to say how impressed I've been with the Broadway season we've had this year and next year looks amazing as well! Shows like Gentleman's Guide, Matilda, Finding Neverland, American in Paris... all awesome shows this season and next season we have Waitress, Rent, The King & I, Lover Never Dies, Lion King and a triumphant return of one of my favorites: Book of Mormon! I know we have a lot of Orlando locals that read our forums and I strongly recommend season tickets or at least becoming a member of the theater (the pre-sale tickets option is worth every penny) and you can find more info here:

Now onto Matilda. I'm sure most of you know by now that Matilda is one of our all-time favorite shows. We love it (and when we say we I mean the whole family including Kristen, who is ten now, and has even sung some of the Matilda songs at her elementary school) and it's the intelligently written dialogue, the witty humor, and the sarcastic if not sometimes really dark subject matter that makes it a huge win for us!

One thing I will say about Matilda is that it's not really a "kids" show. And while it has a lot of kids in it, and many people who go to see it think it will be like the "British Annie" it's really so much deeper and darker. The kids in the show are FANTASTIC and you'll get emotional with them, but the show does deal with some pretty heavy subject matter at times such as suicide, child abuse, and murder! Be prepared to laugh, cry, and be a little bit shocked at some of the scenes. They are so well written and completely amazing!

We actually saw this show two nights in a row and it was interesting because we got to see different girls play Matilda (there are three total on the tour) as they take turns playing the role and going to "real school" (not just Crunchem Hall!) :) Jenna who we saw on the first night was just incredible. For a ten year old girl her singing/dancing/acting/British accent talent was just incredible throughout the whole show! We saw Gabby tonight and while she seemed to have a bit more trouble with the British accent, she NAILED songs like "Quiet" which is not an easy number at all. The entire cast was incredibly impressive and watching the adult ensemble during "School Song" and the kids during "When I Grow Up" gives you all the feels in many different ways.

And all the adult main characters: Miss Honey, Trunchbull, the Wormwood's, etc, are all fantastic in their own ways. You'll laugh at them, you'll hate them, and by the end of it, you'll be very happy you came to see this show!

This is the fourth time we've seen the show and it keeps getting better each time! And we are always so impressed with the touring casts as it's nice to have a bit of Broadway quality right here in Orlando!

On to some photos....
We arrive at the beautiful Dr. Phillips center for the show!

Kristen brought some school supplies to help support A Gift For Teaching charity!

Kristen is sporting her Matilda shirt from a previous viewing of the show!

I of course had to pick up the "Children are Maggots" shirt because I happen to agree with this! ;)

Kristen is VERY happy to be back in a theater playing Matilda again! Even happier because it's our awesome home town venue of Dr. Phillips Center!

I know I've said it many times before but the theater is just fantastic and I'm so happy we have this new venue here in Orlando!

We've taken our seats and can't wait for the show!

This video clip was from the Tony's but it will give you an great idea of the AMAZING talent, writing, and pure magic that you'll see in Matilda! (and also the fact that it is introduced by Newsies makes this one of the best Broadway videos you can ever watch!)

Here are three Matilda's. Jenna on the far left and Gabby in the middle are the two that we have seen. Both VERY talented kids!

Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty!

The "story" monologues are some of the best writing I've seen in a show. It's like a show within a show and they draw you in very deep. It's even crazier that they are spoken by kids 9 to 11 years old! AMAZING!

What can we say about Miss Trunchbull? As much as you hate her character she steals every scene she's in!

Miss Honey's character is, well, pathetic, but she's the heart of the show. And the Jennifer Bowles playing her... WOW... she was great!

And let's not forget the Wormwood's. Incredibly stupid people and you hate them as well, but you can't help but to laugh at them. They clearly would have voted for Trump.

And Mrs. Wormwood thinks reading books is for idiots. Let's just say she doesn't get very far in life! ;)

My mummy says I'm a miracle...

It's hard not to get a little emotional during "When I Grow Up." It's interesting. I think this scene reads very differently for kids than it does adults!

Here's a clip from When I Grow Up. Take a moment to watch. It's amazing!

These are all revolting children!!! MAGGOTS!!!!

The intermission ends with a great "break the 4th wall" moment where Mr. Wormwood talks to the audience about the "Telly!" It's a great scene and a wonderful introduction to the 2nd act.

I absolutely LOVE this little cheat sheet they do for the show to help Americans understand the British slang! lol

Matilda has quite possibly the best curtain call with all the cast coming out on the scooters! I love this!

During the show the kids throw out paper airplanes into the audience. (Watch the Tony Awards video posted above) We caught one. Even the paper they throw out has a "progress report" for one of the students! I love this little detail about the show!

And yes, it's on both sides! :)

The show closed on Broadway on Jan 1st, 2017 (it is still playing open-ended in London) and here is the final curtain call for that show. You can see just how awesome it is!

Once again we are just so fortunate to have such an amazing venue like Dr. Phillips Center here in Orlando! Please take a look at their upcoming shows and if you're a theater fan subscribe or become a member!
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Re: Musicals

Postby jray21 » Wed May 10, 2017 10:55 pm

Awesome review! I would have loved to see that show!

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Re: Musicals

Postby pianojohn » Thu May 11, 2017 4:15 am

Speaking of musicals....

My show PSYCHO MODE opens one week from today at the Orlando Fringe.

What is the Fringe?
A 14-day arts festival that is founded on the concept of being:

100% unjuried,
100% uncensored
100% accessible
100% inclusive
And 100% of sales are returned back to the artists!

The Orlando Fringe is the longest running Fringe Festival in the United States, celebrating 26 years as “Orlando’s most unique cultural experience”. Orlando Fringe is a proud member of the United States Association of Fringe Festivals (USAFF), the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF) and The World Fringe Congress

What is Psycho Mode?

The cinematic artistry of Alfred Hitchcock. The music of Depeche Mode. A psychological horror thriller set to the music of one of the most prolific bands of the 80's.
A live retelling of one of the world's greatest motion pictures.
Live music. Live singing.

A unique twist on a classic story.

From Fringe award winner John B. deHaas, creator of Theme Park Diva, Tappin' and Yappin', Just This Once, and half of Toiley T. Paper: Roll Model.

13 & Up - Violence, Adult Themes

60 minutes

There is also a Kids Fringe every weekend and visual Fringe which has art for sale. Food trucks, a beer tent, and much more!

If you are anywhere near Orlando, this is THE art event of the year!

And I wouldn't mind if you came to see my show as well!

Tickets are $12 PLUS everyone MUST have Fringe button which costs $10. The button helps to pay for the festival, and once you buy it, you can wear it all festival long.

There is an awesome Orlando Fringe app that you can download and purchase tickets directly from it as well as access the whole schedule.

To get tickets to MY show, just click here:

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Re: Musicals

Postby cfc » Thu May 11, 2017 5:42 am

I haven't seen, or even read, Matilda, but I was a Roald Dahl fan when I was kid. His stories were always a bit on the "dark" side, which is probably why I liked them. ;)

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Re: Musicals

Postby Nrthwnd » Fri May 12, 2017 5:11 pm

Guy T. Koepp wrote:^This pleases me greatly! :lover:

So don't forget to watch The TONYs, Guy. Sunday, June 11th on CBS!

And I am so hoping Ms.Bette & Co. will give us a Big Number to enjoy, I hope, I hope!
They are nominated for TEN TONYS, second only to "Great Comet..." which has 12 noms!

This could be a very exciting AND very entertaining telecast! :b :br
After such a Hamilton OD at the awards last year. Which was great!
But still, this should be a more interesting Musicals competition.

p.s. And it would just rock Radio City Music Hall if they presented "The Entire Title Number",
with all the dancing in it, and HER front and center of it all.

What a you-were-there (even Live on tv!) moment that would be. :smile:

(Producers and Bette and David, of HD! Please Read and Consider This!!!)
David Hyde Pierce (remember Niles in Frasier?) and Bette, on the Grand Staircase of the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant.
What the iconic headpiece looks like, close up.
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Re: Musicals

Postby Nrthwnd » Fri May 26, 2017 1:56 pm

Interesting that sometimes, the cover of an original cast cd will go through
ch-ch-ch-changes before it's actually released. Holiday Inn, which has
since closed on Broadway, isn't coming out with their cast cd till mid-June.

But it's already gone through two cover changes, making it three far. :wink:
The first had balloons all over it. Which was the original main show poster.

Here they are...
The original cd cover...with all those balloons!
The second of the covers.
What the cd company is now showing.
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Re: Musicals

Postby DallasAlvey » Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:26 pm

Just back from seeing Finding Neverland at the Dr. Phillips Center here in Orlando. Finding Neverland tells the story of the creation of Peter Pan By J.M. Barrie. This was my first time seeing the show and I didn't know much about it going in. The production design is fantastic and it really shows in the numbers near the end of the first act. I did find the latter half of the first act to be the strongest part of the show with some very memorable songs and set pieces.

Finding Neverland is a show that is a strong mix of light hearted comedy and drama and cast nailed it wonderfully. The show benefits a lot from it's ensemble cast. In fact some of the most memorable moments came from minor characters you wouldn't expect.

I enjoyed the show quite a bit and would definitely recommend seeing it if you can. It's a great looking show with memorable songs and moments. Finding Neverland runs through June 11th in Walt Disney Theater at the Dr. Phillips Center in downtown Orlando.

On to some pictures:

One of the best places to see a show!

Got our playbills!




Was so impressed with this part of the show!

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Re: Musicals

Postby Nrthwnd » Thu Jun 08, 2017 11:30 am

^ I wish a production of "Finding Neverland" would come by our way, sometime soon. Could happen next season. That, and "Waitress" would be great to see a tour of. But in the meantime...

Broadway Across Canada just sent a "teaser announcement" for the 2018-19 Season, and it looks like we're getting Come From Away as our first musical to see! Which is fantastic, considering it will be just over a year or so, before we get to see it, since it's opening on Broadway (and the TONY noms, etc.). This is significant, as we usually get touring shows up to five years after the Broadway Opening. But that's how it goes, up here.

And I love the cast recording of it so much! Incredible cast it sounds like. And of course, the amazing story of The 2001 Event and Afterwards.

Awesome! =)
This will also be our first "intermission~less" musical in a long, long time, too. It runs just over 90 minutes, I read.
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Re: Musicals

Postby Nrthwnd » Sun Jun 11, 2017 12:34 am

Tonight's the Night!
Live on CBS! Hosted by Kevin Spacey!
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Re: Musicals

Postby Nrthwnd » Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:06 pm

She got it, Guy! :b :br
Bette Midler wins Best Actress/Lead Role in A Musical TONY, for "Hello, Dolly!"
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