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  1. So I just installed Wild on top of my previous Soaked installation. It runs fine, all my old stuff is still there - but when I load a saved game I'd made in Soaked, none of the new rides from Wild are available. I find this especially odd since the buttons for adding animals are there. Is there any way to use the new rides in this save?
  2. Well the camera I did the first 3D trip report with was an Aiptek, which is really cheap but also quite awful - lenses out of alignment (probably the source for some of the headaches you got), no manual control whatsoever, just not worth it. The one I use now is a Fujifilm Finepix W3, which can be had for $225 (a bit less than what I got it for last year). It's primarily a still camera, though - the shape is that of a point-and shoot, and the video recording is "only" 720p instead of 1080p. The good thing about it is that it shoots at full 720p per eye - some cameras (like Aiptek) shoot ea
  3. Part 2 of 2! The park has a new self-serve slush drink shop. You buy a cup or a weirdly-shaped souvenir bottle and fill it with whatever you like. Then it was time for the park's main attraction - Bizarro! This ride doubles as a museum exhibit. Insert innuendo here. I always love it when they leave the mist on... it's quite refreshing. Sometimes I think it would be cool if coaster tracks were invisible. Sometimes I think it would be absolutely terrifying. Like now. Here's something for the lift hill and pine tree enthusiasts. I'm always surprised how there's act
  4. Yesterday I decided to head in to Six Flags New England for the first day of Goliath being open to the public (well, some of the public). I got in at about 1:30 PM, and the park was PACKED, but I managed to have a good time anyhow (thank goodness for the Flash Pass!) This TR will be divided into two posts of 25 and 19 photos each. For those of you who liked my last TR, know that all these photos were also composed for and shot in 3D. You can download a .zip of the anaglyphs (for red/cyan glasses, just like the last report) at the end of the second post. If anyone has a 3DTV or similar device a
  5. What I wanted to hear was advice and opinions, which is what I got. No need to be sorry I think I'll take your suggestion and link off to the 3D ones, so they're at least available for the handful of people who liked the first one and asked for more. And for the record, I agree that anaglyph (colored lenses) is kind of annoying. That's not how they're taken, or I wouldn't bother either. There are TVs, monitors, etc, that use the same polarized and active-shutter technology for 3D as the movie theatres, which is how I view them and why I also link to the side-by-side files (my laptop act
  6. I suppose this is a question for pretty much any mods. A while back I did a photo trip report in 3D, with the anaglyphs posted to directly in the thread and the 2D versions in a .zip for download. Some people couldn't find it, though, and it was kind of a roundabout way of doing things. That's done and over now, but I'm working on another at the moment. I definitely want the 3D ones up in the thread, since that's how they were composed, shot, and meant to be seen. But I also realize the majority of people won't be able to view them that way, so it also makes sense to include the 2D ones. I
  7. Ah, thanks for the explanation! Shame... that was my favorite effect!
  8. I'm sure that everyone here has heard of stereoscopic 3D, also known as S3D, 3-D, or just 3D. Lots of movies, games, and theme park rides are available in this format. This handy dandy guide will offer you some insight into the world of 3D. WHAT IS IT? A native 3D image in anaglyph format. Taken by me. Stereoscopic 3D is a format that simulates human vision by providing two different viewpoints of a photographed or illustrated visual - one for each eye. Depth perception works in the real world because each of our eyes sees a slightly different view of whatever's in front of us.
  9. ...your IMAX shows 3D movies in anaglyph instead of polarized or active shutter? Weird. Unless you mean you have one of those screens and you downloaded the stereo pairs.
  10. Just a quick update - firstly, I've redone this TR so the photos are hosted on TPR itself. Secondly, I've reserved my ticket to Bizarro Bash and I'll be sure to bring my camera again! Can your mind handle the thought of crazy TPR member antics in 3D? (If not, EMAIL DAN! Except don't.)
  11. I'm prolly a 5 on the Kinsey - enough to feel comfortable identifying as gay, but I won't deny the VERY rare instances where something else interests me XD
  12. It's the middle of July, the sun is burning, the air is hot and heavy, and the tunes are a-pumpin'! This is a thread to share and discuss the songs that, to you, exemplify summer! They don't even need to be about the season - they can just put you in that "summer mood" too! Here are some of mine: "Suddenly Last Summer" by The Motels - 1983 Yes, this one is actually about summer. Beyond that - beats me. Some people think it's about the end of childhood, losing your virginity, the death of a lover, and all sorts of other things. All I know is it's got a haunting melody and an aw
  13. Agreed. The brakes on the latter half are an affront to the SPIRIT OF THRILL. Who is very nice and hangs out at my place on Tuesdays. Also, a much less significant change: I for one don't like how they rearranged the line a couple years back. I really liked that little tunnel under the ride that let out by the Scrambler for some reason. Probably the photo booth.
  14. As an advisory... you know the big jolt of air on the drop next to the station after the high turnaround? It's gone. The new Topper Track smoothed out the transition so that doesn't happen anymore. I was sad. The first drop is still the same though.
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