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P. 935: Copperhead Strike construction photos posted!
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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby B&MIntaminGCI » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:43 pm

^I was looking at the same thing, everything resets I believe.

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby teacherkim » Sun Oct 14, 2018 5:51 pm

Yeah I think I answered my own question on the web site. Apparently, if you buy fastlane it is good for either the daytime hours OR Scarowinds.

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby prozach626 » Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:30 pm

teacherkim wrote:Yeah I think I answered my own question on the web site. Apparently, if you buy fastlane it is good for either the daytime hours OR Scarowinds.

Same with Funpix.

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby hoppedup » Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:47 pm

The first loop is taking shape on Copperhead Strike. Can't wait to get a peek at it this Saturday.

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby carowindsman » Wed Oct 17, 2018 9:27 am

Carowinds announces Mountain Gliders for 2019

Have you ever wanted soar like a bird over majestic mountains? The Mountain Gliders, opening in Carowinds’ all-new Blue Ridge Junction area in 2019, offers an experience that’s mighty close. After boarding one of the unique carriages, you’ll start spinning at a high speed, so much so that you’ll spin outward and rise to 28 feet above the ground. Once in the air, you take matters into your own hands by operating the carriage’s controls to command the glider’s flight. Whether you explore the high altitudes as if flying above the Blue Ridge Mountains or cruise at a lower elevation in the valleys, the choice – and experience, mild or wild – is up to you.

Mountain Gliders

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby LiftThrill » Wed Oct 17, 2018 5:27 pm

Spent last Saturday primarily at Carowinds since I was in the area. Sadly, Afterburn was closed all day (was really looking forward to it, but at least it wasn't Fury). Expected it to be pretty busy and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't SUPER slammed (definitely nowhere near empty or even super great, I still skipped some rides like Flying Cobras and Nighthawk, but I never waited more than an hour for anything).

Fury 325 (x3): This thing kicks every other coaster ever's A$$ up and down its 325 feet of height. The first drop is the best on any coaster I've been on by far and it absolutely powers through everything with a crazy relentless speed that puts a huge grin on your face every second of the ride. The airtime in the ending run is also superb, but I live for speed and every ride on this felt like it got even faster. I can't decide if my favorite part of the ride is the first drop or that sweeping turn before the treble clef, but both of those parts are absolutely breathtaking and are just so much fun in every way that even among the other parts of the ride they manage to be ridiculously awesome in comparison. This thing is king. Sorry MF, but Fury is you but better. Also shoutout to the crew who made a super long line into a half hour wait.

Hurler (x1): Perfectly average coaster. Not rough at all (for a woodie of this type), and a decent time. I'd imagine riding in the wheel seats would give a less enjoyable experience, but it was pretty fun.

Carolina Cyclone (x1): Kinda sucked? Not as bad as Demon or Corkscrew, just kinda meh. The crew on this ride was horrendous and with 2 trains averaged 2-3 minute dispatches or something like that.

Vortex (x1): My first standup coaster. Sitting waiting for it to dispatch is the worst part. The ride was actually really enjoyable except for the headbangy corkscrew thing near the end of the ride.

Carolina Goldrusher (x1): Fun mine train. One of my favorites, after Thunderation and Road Runner Express. The crew for this was equal to or worse than Carolina Cyclone's.

Intimidator (x1): People complain about the trims a lot, but my one ride seemed like they were turned all the way off. Probably my favorite B&M hyper, but they're all pretty similar. Intimidator seemed like it had a little more sensation of speed to it going over the hills as opposed to Diamondback or Raging Bull.

These 6 were the only coasters I managed to get on, as I didn't feel like riding a worse version of Firehawk or waiting an hour for a Boomerang so I decided to make a pit stop at SFOG afterwards to try out one or two of their big 3.
1. Fury 325 | 2. Millennium Force | 3. New Texas Giant | 4. Outlaw Run | 5. Maverick | 6. Twisted Cyclone | 7. Iron Rattler | 8. The Voyage | 9. Goliath (SFGAm) | 10. Time Traveler

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby carolinaman » Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:54 am

Carowinds held a construction tour Wed. Oct 17. Here is a video of that tour I made. A lot of great info, and one of the best things we found out is Copperhead Strike can run in cooler weather and will be open for Winterfest 2019!! I hope you enjoy.

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby ytterbiumanalyst » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:00 am

carowindsman wrote:Carowinds announces Mountain Gliders for 2019

Mountain Gliders


Are these the same ones that are already there?

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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby jarmor » Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:56 pm

Yes. They were taken out for the new Camp Snoopy expansion and place into storage. It's been a interesting for them as it was alleged they were returning this year then it seemed plans were off the table and things got silent. It seems they made the decision to bring them back with Copperhead strike. The first time this ride gets a new lease on life in the same park lol.
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Re: Carowinds Discussion Thread

Postby larrygator » Sun Oct 21, 2018 8:27 pm

I've been waiting for confirmation of their return. Best flat ride in the park.
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