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So...after I posted the Trailer Park avatar, midnight went by, and I re-considered...


This one is of Santa and myself, taken at Bakken park in Copenhagen, during TPR's

Scandinavian tour, last June. It was so nice of Mr. and Ms. Claus to come out of their

busy, busy schedule (all that toy making, etc.) to greet us and take photos, etc.


Notice the resemblance? With me in the middle

of the two of them, I looked like their eldest son! (o;

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Somewhere back in 2006 I made the decision to revamp my online profile with a more interesting username and avatar. In an effort to inspire ideas I randomly googled the words "Lion" and "Poop". When the "Poop Lion" photo appeared I thought to myself "well that perfectly sums up my entire being" so I used it for my new TPR account. I had every intention of making it my universal avatar across all platforms, but that didn't happen. It's my TPR avatar and it always has been.


Two years ago when I was driving through West Virginia I was both shocked and pleased to discover that "Food Lion" is a Mid-Atlantic supermarket chain that my avatar is making fun. I had no idea.

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^ Your avatar pretty much sums up that chain, too.


My avatar is a picture of me (sans glasses) and some Mexican child (whose name I've long forgotten) on Selva del Raton at Parque Bicentenario in Mexico during the TPR Mexico Tour in 2013. The ride required adults to ride with a child, so instead of KT riding thirty times with all of us, a kind family let us borrow their children!

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V This one I put up when it's time for New Years.


Daisy and Donald, dancing under the Mickey lamp post.


It's a bottle topper (with straw) I picked up in Tokyo Disneyland

in June 2013, during their 30th Anniversary year.


And it's a New Years Kind-of-Moment, to me.


Kept here in the thread for posterity,

and before I change it into something else, lol.

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My new Avatar is from Disney's Big Hero 6, it is the logo of "SFN" that is on Tadashi Hamada's hat.


I had the hat made 2 days after the movie came out and I wear it everywhere.


SFN stands for San Fransokyo Ninjas, the local baseball team.


I totally love the mash-up of San Francisco and Tokyo to make San Fransokyo.

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