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Casino Pier (Seaside Heights) Discussion Thread

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It annoys me to no end when people wear hats on coasters. If they lose it, they get what they deserved and the park shouldn't get it for them. It should be the park's responsibility to make sure people don't wear hats in the first place.

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I know its harsh, but I really don't even think people like this deserve life... Can you honestly be that stupid.


Only if they are into P, M, or W. If you aren't into any of those, what a terrible accident. But PMW? fudge him, he deserved to die.


Im really trying to hold back what I really wanna say but to say someone deserves to die should automatically revoke one's own air supply. Same scenerio both resulted in a death but only one "deserves to die".


Jarvis "so glad people like you dont have any importance in this world" Morant.

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This is really sad, another person dead because of a lost hat. I work at CGA, and when someone loses a hat, the person can usually come back at the end of the night to see if a manager can retrieve it. But people shouldn't even wear hats on rides. Whenever I'm at ride controls, I say over the PA, "Welcome to (insert ride name here). Please take off any hats, glasses, or bags as they may fly off during the ride." That would be nice, if the GP actually listened to the ride ops, then we could avoid some horrific accidents.

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People are saying the fence he hoped is 3 feet tall. If that is true, then the park needs to get bigger fences for liability reasons. Still, it's not to smart to jump in a restricted zone.


I don't care if the fence is 3 INCHES tall, it still implies "STAY THE HECK OUT." Not "Hey, see if you can jump this fence," or "This fence is only here as a suggestion," or "This fence applies to everyone but YOU." Employ or guest, the boundaries a fence provides are in place for the safety of all.

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My God, I just rode that coaster last Saturday. They say the name of it though is Star Jet, but when I was at the park last Satyrday, on an updated list of rides in the ticket booth window refered to it as Jet Star. It wasn't that bad compared to the other coasters at Casino Pier.

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How many PMW accidents can one coaster season take, sheesh.


I lost a hat on Medusa (SFGAdv) when I was doing a read the g-meter on physics day and looked up after reading and the bill caught the seat and BAM hat gone. As I was walking off I was looking for it to see if someone could get it after closing and a park employee said, "If you lost a hat I'll go look for it."


I told him it wasn't worth it. Maybe I saved a life maybe they would've stopped the ride, either way a hat is NOT worth it.

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  • 3 years later...

I just heard that Hallow Graves Haunted Manor is under re-construction on Seaside Height's Funtown Pier.


I think this is the same walk through I experienced back in 2004 at Funtown. I don't know exactly when it was removed, but it hasn't been on the pier for a couple of years. Here is a review I wrote for another website:


This is the type of walkthrough haunted house I remember as a kid. You are greeted by a guide at the door. My guide was dressed like leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (without the mask), just a butcher's smock and "bloody" jeans. The guide leads you into each room then sneaks out behind you and meets you in the next room. He scared the hell out of me even though he wasn't trying. The animatronics inside are excellent and not behind cages. I had goosebumps during the whole 4-5 minutes it took me to walk through. The story behind the house is that you have been invited to dinner, but you are the dinner. Pretty good stuff!!!!!!

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You are correct. Hollowgraves Haunted Manor is returning to Funtown Pier in Seaside Heights. It's definitely the one you were in back in 2004. We spent four years there, 2003-06, and then returned to Northern NJ as a Halloween attraction in Vernon and Budd Lake. This will be our first summer back after a five year absence. As far as we're concerned, this is our final move and the Haunted Manor will remain a Seaside Heights haunt until its end.


We expect to be open in time for May weekends and then, starting June 15 I believe, every day for the summer. For the time being, updates can be found on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HollowgravesHauntedManor and our Twitter page at https://twitter.com/#!/Hollowgraves. Our official website will be re-opening soon as well.


Thanks for spreading the word!




Hollowgraves Haunted Manor


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Just found this picture on Facebook:

Pretty blurry, but it looks like the entire end of Casino Pier is gone. Star Jet, Centrifuge, Stillwalk Manor and the Log Flume all appear to have been destroyed, and it wouldn't surprise me if other nearby rides have been lost as well. Very sad.

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