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Casino Pier (Seaside Heights) Discussion Thread

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^^Yes, based on the video, not exactly a great loss when it comes to coasters. I feel sorry for the people who run the park, though.

Here's my thoughts on the matter...


I want to feel bad for them too, and part of me does... BUT...


It's like me wanting to feel bad for those people in Los Angeles who bought their house on a hillside and then lose their property during a rainstorm mudslide. Or those who buy a house in the middle of a forest and lose it due to forest fires.


History has taught us that seaside piers have a a fair chance of collapse in an awful storm like this. I remember the Redondo Beach pier collapsed TWICE when growing up in SoCal, so it's not like something like this isn't un-expected.


So yes, I do feel bad for the park owners, but I have to also assume they knew there was a pretty good chance this could happen, and I really hope they are prepared and have a re-build plan...


Not sorry for the coaster being lost. That thing was a pile of crap!

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^Exactly. It's a real business, you have to assume they have insurance and can rebuild and make things even better! As well as put more people to work in the process. I just read an interesting article about how disasters like this actually help our economy.

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And lets be honest here, those rides out on that pier were "cheap" rides. Nothing amazing. Nothing that anyone will lose sleep over. I'm sure most people on this forum are probably hearing about that coaster for the FIRST TIME in this thread!


Trust me, if they have their act together, they'll have a plan for getting everything re-built.

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Always sad to see coasters destroyed like that, even if they were brutal fairground ones.

I disagree. I'm HAPPY to see some coasters destroyed!


I'm sure the park would disagree with you there. Yes they probably have insurance, but it's still upsetting. The pier likely won't be rebuilt for quite sometime, and that's going to seriously hurt their business if they fail to catch the 2013 Spring and Summer Crowds.

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Yeah this is upsetting to the owners, but I'm pretty sure they have an attack plan in place for when storms like this come in to trash the piers. As long as they aren't in trouble financially, they'll bounce back next year with potentially bigger/better rides.

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Looks like major damage to "Looping Coaster" and "Mighty Mouse" at Funtown Pier as well:


source: http://mildlyamused.tumblr.com/post/34633862455/funtown-pier-at-seaside-park-in-new-jersey-is






Flooding around Gillain's Wonderland Pier:

source: http://www.imwan.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=482&p=2254466

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Still holding out hope that this hurricane somehow damaged Ninja at SFOG.


Apparently it also destroyed a terrible looper down the street. We went and rode all that crap back in 2010 (I think it was part of Derek and Piers' master plan to find the Jersey Shore house and people). As long as the pizza didn't get destroyed, I'm fine!

Wow! So yeah....photo.thumb.jpg.096eb18cc0b85ce9e02a038489fa582f.jpg

While it really sucks that all this damage has been done to two seaside parks that I really did enjoy spending a couple of hours at... the hurricane took out the TWO WORST COASTERS that we rode that day!!!


Personally, I find this both tragic and awesome! Tragic as it bums me out to see a park go through this... the damage to the park and the business is devastating... but AWESOME in that hopefully those rides get replaced by something that doesn't suck quite as much!


Here's the POVs of those rides again. Seriously, the loss here is NOT the coasters...it's the damage that's been done to the parks and the businesses...


LOL at my review at 1:48 in this video...


And my "review" is at 1:52 on this video.... lol


--Robb "Trying to at least find the positive in all this..." Alvey

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Growing up in New Jersey and riding that piece of garbage every year, I will rejoice in its loss. Now my friends can't force me into riding it out of tradition anymore. I'm more broken up over Centrifuge going under to be honest. I hope to see a nice rebuilt pier when I end up there come Summer and for now I am just happy that everyone I know up there is ok.

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I've known about these coasters before from TPR trip reports of the Jersey Shore before and I always thought that these small parks should get better coasters, well now is their chance. I am a bit sad for this, but it's mainly because I never went on either and I really haven't captured how bad those two coasters were that I would've been happy they are gone. Hopefully, better coasters will come.

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You know a large percentage of enthusiasts didn't even know about this coaster(s) until they were destroyed. If they were such great rides, don't you think everyone would have been talking about them BEFORE they were fish food?


I would just like to point out that I was talking about my love for Star Jet all the way back in June...


Here: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=62923


I see now that I am definitely in the minority on this one, so I shall go away now and be sad all alone.

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I'm no expert and I don't pretend to be but it looks like Funtown Pier is pretty much a total loss. I wouldn't be surprised if they remove all of the rides as the pier itself looks like it's either destroyed or highly unstable in most spots.

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