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  1. I've never rode it before but after watching the video all I can say is darn... now i will never get to ride... what a shame I feel no sympathy for it. Just for the people who paid for it.
  2. I applied for the Cedar Point one on the 21st! I hope they pick me Good luck all
  3. Great Pictures. I was there that day and sad to have seen it go. But was glad to be part of it's last rides! Was 5th to last train. And was over thirlled to have been there. RIP to one unique ride, may another take your place!
  4. RIP Disaster Transport. Hopefully something even better will take your place! I am excited to see Monday some reveal of the new coaster.
  5. Sounds like a waste of money if they so chose to waste their money let them.
  6. I am rather sad to say I have never been to a Disney park. Didn't ever really seem like something worth doing. This looks to prove me wrong. I need to visit and soon. Glad to see you enjoyed yourself and the diverse popcorn selection!
  7. Just got back from Cedar Point yesterday! Next is Kings island in a couple weeks then Cedar Point again for halloweekends!
  8. Thanks a bunch! Hopefully then they have our email tomorrow and just didn't get it sent out to us.... If not I'm going to have a fun fight with someone at Cedar Point. hehe. Regardless, who's ready to hit the coasters!
  9. I have a season pass and I wonder if that is why cause I dont get a ticket. I called and they told me for the event there will be a check in table at 8:30pm to get in and to get our shirts??? I hope she was right.
  10. Has anyone else got their email from Cedar Point about what to do when we get there tomorrow? I'm not sure if they have not been sent out or if I didn't get one for some reason. Also. perhaps a few minuets before the reception if you want a picture. Right in front of Disaster Transport!
  11. I am rather sad to say that I had never got a chance to ride. Now it's confirmed I never will. It may have gotten bad reviews, but so did the Mean Streak at Cedar Point, and I rode it once just to at least say I have before. Oh well, one less ride for the books.
  12. I feel that. If it didn't cost so much to get there and eat I would donate more money also. Or buy a fast lane pass. lol. no I would probably donate money first.
  13. So excited to be part of Cedar Point history! But is anyone else having issues with the pages. I think Cedar Point took them down early or my computer isn't working. I can't get on any of the fundraising pages so.... hmmm, I wonder...
  14. Thanks for the help! It's much appreciated! I have never posted on the forums before but I have been following the site and Facebook page for a long while now. Figured Id register to forums to extend my thanks to you for the donation, and Naina for her help as well .
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