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  1. Yes they do offer Early entry for Gold Season Pass Holders. The line is all the way to the right of the front gates. Perfect! Thanks!
  2. Does Magic Mountain offer any early entry for season pass holders? Also, do any rides have single rider lines?
  3. Did you happen to ride the Condor at La Feria? If so, does it run a good program?
  4. I wouldn't agree about Lake Compounce not being crowded. As much as I love the park, I wouldn't go near there on a summer weekend due to crowds and horrible line jumping. Haunted Graveyard in October also gets massive crowds. Of course, they don't help matters any by constantly running 1 train on Boulder Dash.
  5. On Monday night, Stinger's train was back in the station and the first 4 rows and last 4 rows were covered in blue tarp.
  6. Dorney is absolutely mobbed on the weekends this time of year. This past Saturday they were parked in overflow, the plot of land the recently purchased beyond overflow, and in the grass on the Stinger side of the street. I honestly don't know where they could've fit any more cars. Considering the don't have trams, those people had one heck of a walk to the front gate!
  7. Yes, Text2Ride is most definitely gone. They only had it for 1 season and that was a couple years ago.
  8. The commercial shoot was done with all park employees. I think that's how they were able to operate it for that.
  9. If you decide to leave Dorney for food, I'd recommend this place. It's only a couple miles from the park and it's definitely a place that a "foodie" should check out. www.burgershackpa.com This is also an option: www.yoccos.com
  10. Going to be visiting the park for the first time in a little over a week. Anyone have suggestions on what order we should hit the attractions to be avoid lines? Also, are there any food recommendations?
  11. We also noticed the Stinger train is MIA. Must be pretty serious for the train to be gone.
  12. La Vibora has a single rider line? That's very good to know. Do any other rides have single rider lines that you noticed?
  13. Someone else mentioned school trips to me as well and I thought that sounded odd. They do school trips on weekends there?
  14. Going to be at the park on the first weekend in May. Is that typically a busy time? I would guess not, but just want to check with some of the regulars who know the park better. Also hoping Shockwave will be open. Love that ride!
  15. When they run Colossus backwards, do they run both tracks backwards, 1 track backwards, or 1 track backwards and 1 track forwards? We'll be there in June and I'm hoping backwards won't be the only option. I happen to enjoy Colossus, but am not a fan of backwards coasters.
  16. They posted on Facebook the other day that opening day is 96 days away. That makes opening day April 12th.
  17. From what someone at the annoucement said, the Lily Pads and Riptide Run will be removed and Jumpin Jack Splash's pool at the bottom will be shortened. The new slides will be located there.
  18. Here's the details from Dorney's website: https://www.dorneypark.com/what-s-new/snake-pit-new-for-2014
  19. Couldn't agree with you more. Rolling Thunder was my first wooden coaster and will always be special to me. I ride it on just about every visit to the park. I never ride Superman or Green Lantern and think that they are just a waste of space.
  20. Agree about the Flitzer. I found it rather amusing that I put the waist belt on and then the operator came over and put the 2 belts across my legs.
  21. Has anyone been to Kennywood in the past few days? Curious if this visual scan is just a Lake Compounce thing or a corporate thing?
  22. I was shocked especially to hear of Crown Colony's closing. At least from what it sounds like only the full service restaurant part of Crown Colony is closing while the counter service area on the second floor will remain open. Still a shame, but not as bad as it originally seemed.
  23. For those that have visited parks since the Texas Giant incident, have you noticed any different operating procedures at the parks? Lake Compounce is now doing the visual scan like Six Flags Great Adventure does, but it's worse. All the employees on the Boulder Dash platform now do the visual scan separate of each other (i.e. back attendant does scan, front attendant does scan, then operator does scan). It seems to be a bit much and definitely has an impact on dispatch times.
  24. Add me as another one who loves the Parachutes. They seem to be open more often and running most if not all of the parachutes. Seems to be pretty popular with the guests IMO. Also agree about the Nitro ops. We were there 2 weeks ago. At that time they were only running 2 trains and stacking every single time. They would just saunter up to the front of the train and socialize for a few minutes before checking the train. Nitro usually has good capacity so that was very disappointing to see.
  25. ***Only $20 more needed to reach my goal*** If anyone can help me reach my goal, I'd be happy to mail you a package of park map brochures including SF Great Adventure, Dorney, Hershey, Lake Compounce, and possibly more. Let's do this for the children! Sue
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