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  1. Thanks to your report, we'll be heading to this park on Saturday to ride the train and coaster. I'll also make it a point to visit the Ladies Room. If the coaster does have a sign, I'd be happy to take a picture for the Index.
  2. Great report so far! When I saw you seemed to like the unique food places and wasn't too crazy about Louie's, I was going to suggest that you try Ted's for the bugers. Turns out you were one step ahead of me! We've never tried Louie's, but Ted's is very good. As for LC, we love the park and Boulder Dash, but for the exact clientele reasons you mentioned, we avoid the park at all costs between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  3. Was the other side of the Sky Ride operating when he did that? It looks like it was. I would think that would've been awfully distracting, especially if people said things as they were going by. He's supposed to be at Dorney this coming weekend walking between the 2 spikes of Possessed. I would've went to take some pictures, but we'll be at Freestyle Music Park that day.
  4. Speaking of FMP, does anyone know if Round About opens with the park this year? I heard last year that it always opened later around noon or 1 every day.
  5. Thanks for the TR! We were thinking of heading to this park next month, but we had heard that adults weren't allowed to ride the coaster. I take it there was no problem riding it? Maybe we will have to check it out next month afterall.
  6. Glad to see that Gillian's Funland was busy on Saturday night. When we were there during the day, we were just about the only people there.
  7. Not only is it only good at the 3 parks mentioned, but it's also only good at the park you purchased the pass at. My pass was purchased at SFGAd and even though I've visited SFNE and SFStL, I've only gotten rewards for the SFGAd visits. We just redeemed our Front of the Line passes this past weekend and got the run around. It says to redeem them at the Looney Tunes Shop. We go there and they don't have them. They say to try Guest Relations. We go there and they say the store now has them and to go back there. When we get back there, they still don't have them yet (they got them a couple minutes later). Nice waste of about 20 minutes!
  8. Try not to let it get to you, Dainan. Whether the guests liked it or not, you were just doing your job and following orders. As we told you, you're the best op/attendant RT has seen in years and you should be proud.
  9. Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but according to Dorney, the 5 final names for Contest Coaster were all submitted by multiple people. They picked the names with the most submissions so no person could claim it was “their” name that won. That would probably explain why some of the names chosen (i.e. Kiddie Coaster) aren’t the most creative. Sorry, Ed.
  10. We don't keep counts on everything we ride, but do count the coasters we ride most often. I don't have the exact counts in front of me, but our top 5 would be: Rolling Thunder at SFGAd - 3,300 Boulder Dash - 2,600 Montu - 600 Nitro - 500 Steel Force - 400
  11. Where did you find out that the Sea Isle coaster opened? I can't find a website for it and RCDB lists it as "under construction". We'll be in that area next weekend so if it's open and adults can ride, we'd definitely be interested in stopping by.
  12. I can understand if they don't allow rerides during regular park hours, but it would be nice if they made an exception for ERT. For example, Dorney is a park that NEVER allows rerides, but they do allow them during ERT sessions. No, I wasn't in line for the front seat on Boss during ERT. We hardly ride the front of any coaster during ERT sessions since the line is longer than it is during regular park hours. We went in row 4 so that we could get our 1 ride right away and then move on to the 2 much better woodies (which never happened).
  13. I've only been to HH once, but I'd say WWK is better by a long shot. Not only is it included with park admission, but I think they have a much better variety of attractions there.
  14. Having attened the Con and the SF event, I thought that Worlds of Fun treated us the best. The ops there were the most efficient and seemed to really enjoy the ERT sessions. They also ran multiple trains on everything that had them for ERT and allowed rerides. SDC was a let down with 1 train ops on Wildfire and no rerides allowed during ERT on any rides. I agree about that group photo. I normally like to be in them, but no way was I putting on an extra dark color shirt to pose for the picture in that heat. Plus, with everyone wearing the same shirts, good luck ever seeing yourself in the picture. $10 was a bargain for SF, but with the way it turned out, we hardly felt we got our money's worth. Morning ERT on EK had a longer line than that coaster normally has during regular park hours. We also made the mistake of going to Boss first for ERT. They were trying to take a train off and finally decided to just run it empty which they should've done in the first place. We took 1 ride before heading to Eagle where we were ready to dispatch when they got the call to close. Our ERT consisted of 1 horrible ride on the Boss. Although there was lightning very far in the distance, we felt they jumped the gun in closing everything since we've been on coasters at other parks where it was much closer and they were still running.
  15. Great TR from Dorney! We live just across the street from the Quality Inn so you were right in our neighborhood. Wish we had known so we could meet up with you at Dorney. In fact, I think we were there later that same night. If you ever come back, let us know!
  16. Thanks for the report and the great news about Blue Streak. You mentioned that Little Dipper is running good--does that mean that adults are now allowed to ride it?
  17. Wow, what a cool tribute to meeting Rich and I! We missed you this past Saturday at LC's opening day.
  18. I'd pee on myself before I'd use a Porta Potty anyway!
  19. For the first time ever, I can honestly say I hate the final 3 teams so much that I don't even care to watch the finale. For my reasons stated above, I can't stand Margie and Luke. Jamie and Cara are just ugly Americans for the demeaning way they speak to everyone that the encounter on the race. I think Tammy and Victor had an unfair advantage, especially since they spent quite a bit of time in China. They also had absolutely no reason to U-turn Jen and Kisha. They've come in first almost every leg and if they "had" to use it, it should been used on Margie and Luke. With that being said, I think Jen and Kisha basically eliminated themselves. Was peeing *that* important that you would give up your spot in the final 3 when you were neck and neck with another team for the final spot? If you had to go that bad, just wet your pants!
  20. The Busch parks usually make you walk around after 2 rides. Personally, I think it should either be no rerides or unlimited rerides, but I guess 2 is better than 1.
  21. I may be in the minority here, but I want Jen and Kisha to win and can't stand Margie and Luke. I find Luke to be a very sneaky and dirty player. I'm not basing it on the fight last week because I think they all could've handled it better. The reason I don't like Margie and Luke is because they used the Blind U-Turn on the team I liked. That team didn't pose a threat to them so there was no need for them to do that. They only used it to try to save Jamie and Cara since they were their "friends". Why make potential enemies when it doesn't even benefit you?
  22. Back when it was Six Flags Great Adventure, we went around 20-25 times a year. Our home park since 2006 has been Dorney. In '06 and '07 we didn't go much at all, but it picked up considerably last year. I've always wanted an Impulse coaster nearby and now that we finally have it, that's usually the sole reason I go to Dorney.
  23. Thanks for sharing! I especially love the Renegade shot. Coasters look so awesome in the snow!
  24. YAY for turtles! They are awesome animals and it's great to see Sea World helping them out. Does KT like turtles, Robb?
  25. I wasn't saying it never happened--I was saying it's never happened on any day I was there in the rain and the park was empty. The main thing I was responding to was Jedimaster's statement of saying the park closes when it rains. Believe me, I do understand the decision behind it, but it doesn't mean that I have to like it or agree with it. It especially irks me when people have the initiative to call ahead and get told the park is going to be open, only to find it closed when they get there. They may not know at the time, but the person answering the phone should at least suggest to people that it *might* close and that they wouldn't recommend driving a distance.
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