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  1. I just checked and they were at $995 so I just donated $5 to Derek to get them to $1,000. Way to go, Team Dorney!
  2. That would be me. You're welcome! I'm a bit of a lurker here on the site, but I'm here when it counts!
  3. I actually did test drive the Santa Fe, but didn't like it for a couple of reasons. One is the fact that it's bigger than I'm looking for and the other is I hate the "wood" trim on the dashboard.
  4. Since it seems no one has experience with these, let me rephrase the question and just ask... Does anyone have any model cars from either Nissan or Kia? If so, what has your experience been with them?
  5. So, I'm looking at possibly getting a new car and I've narrowed it down to either the '12 Kia Sportage or '12 Nissan Rogue. Every day I keep going back and forth as far as which one I want more. Does anyone have experience with owning either 1 of these that might be able to give me some feedback on your experiences with them to help me out? Thanks in advance! Sue
  6. We usually visit FL in early December or early February, but this year we were thinking of early March to use our BGT passes one last time before they expire. For anyone more familir with that time, do you think the first weekend in March will still be low crowds? We're hoping that's early enough to avoid Spring Break and local school breaks. However, looking at an unofficial site that gives crowd levels for the Orlando parks, it says to avoid the parks on 3/3 - 3/6. Even though that's not BGT, we don't like seeing that. Anyone have advice to share? Thanks! Sue
  7. I was just going to post the same thing about them deleting their Facebook. Guess they can't handle the heat!
  8. Seatbelts don't solve a thing. If someone wants to get out, what's to stop them from taking off a seatbelt? The lawsuit is ridiculous as well since the park did nothing wrong. If anything, they should sue whoever she was on the trip with for letting her go off on her own. Even if there's not a chaperone at all times, it should be required that students stay in groups.
  9. We're definitely interested, but can't commit just yet. If the event doesn't sell out, is there a date that you'll cut-off the registration? For example, if it's not sold out, would you still be accepting registrations a week prior to the event?
  10. That's an easy one for me....Rolling Thunder at Six Flags Great Adventure. It was my first wooden coaster and it will always be special to me. I also don't think the ride itself is as bad as people make it out to be. We don't ride it nearly as much as we used to, but that's more because of the horrendous dispatches since seatbelts were installed. Also really liked GASM at Great Adventure and think it's light years better than it's replacement.
  11. Although we always wondering how they stayed in business since 99% of our rides on it over the year were just the 2 of us riding, it's a shame that it's finally happened. It was a great ride and I certainly hope that something can be done to save it.
  12. Awesome report, Danny! Looks like a beautiful place! BTW, what's the Italian way of loading a coaster? Does that mean assigned seating with no choice of seat?
  13. ...What park are you going to? I've been to Dorney tons of times. I've waited on line quite a few times. Longest I've waited was about 2 hours for Talon. Sure, lines RARELY show up at Dorney, but they indeed exist. Even though I'm not much of a Dorney fan, I live 5 minutes from the park and visit there more than any other park in a given year. Except for maybe weekend nights in July and August (after WWK has closed for the day), it's extremely rare to find a line more than 15 minutes. I will agree with the Wild Mouse though. Even if there were only 100 people in the park, that would probably have a 1 hour wait!
  14. How will capacity be a nightmare when Dorney pretty much never has any lines?
  15. Not sure if we would be able to attend yet, but we're definitely interested. ACE events at Hershey have been pretty poor with ERT only on Farenheit (which I have no desire to ride again) so I'm confident TPR will do better. Get me some ERT on Comet and I'll be a happy camper.
  16. According to pictures, it looks like they are doing work on its trenches. On topic, this ride look awesome even more now. Thanks, but considering that the picture of Montu being closed is in *this* thread, I'd say it's very much *on* topic.
  17. Thanks for the awesome report and photos! Has anything been said yet about what type of restraints this ride will have? Any idea what's going on with Montu? Looks to be a lengthy closure with benches across and no employee in sight. A friend who was there over the weekend said it was closed so I'm curious if it's been closed all this time?
  18. Guess I'm in good company. I haven't figured out where it will be yet, but I will be riding my 800th coaster in Germany this year.
  19. At Fort Fun, what exactly is the Mystery Warehouse and the Crazy Washhouse?
  20. How were they doing with dispatches? Are they still checking belts before lowering the bars?
  21. Does anyone happen to know the names of the General Manager and Ride Operations Manager at the park?
  22. So, you don't need a child to ride the Grover coaster in Tampa? I know I read that somewhere and thought it was odd that Tampa would do it one way and Williamsburg would do it the other way. Glad to hear that's not the case! Williamsburg seems to like keeping old coaster stations around, don't they?
  23. Happy to see you finally post your Lake Compounce TR! Ya know, you could've asked us to turn around for the picture. It was great meeting you as well. If you're free, you should come to the Oc-Boulder-Fest event at LC on 9/11.
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