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  1. I'm curious how this will work at a park like SFKK where the parking has nothing to do with the park itself?
  2. Not true. I know for a fact that they were closed both Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Although I don't agree with them closing the park, it is one of my favorite parks and Boulder Dash is my #1 coaster. If you're in the area again, you really should give them a second chance. Sue
  3. What happened to the plans of going to Lake Compounce? Didn't you want to get beat up by BD? It seems you got more than enough of that with Super Flight being open. I didn't realize Adam and Ellen were going to ride so much at Rye. Unfortunately, we had to bow out early since we were driving home that night. Great pics, Derek! Sue
  4. Can anyone help me out with a map from SF Marine World? I have SFOG to trade, or I'd be willing to pay for the SFMW map as well. Sue
  5. Does anyone have a SFGAm or SFMW map that they're willing to trade for SFOG? I'd also be willing to pay for it. Those are the last 2 I need and I haven't had much luck contacting the parks for them. Sue
  6. Why is Steel Venom in pieces? Has it opened at all this year? Sue
  7. And Rich even sang "Disco Inferno" for all the guests. I know Adam especially enjoyed that. Sue
  8. It was my first, but his second. Not many people know that he was married before though. I don't think any of the people who gave nothing knew that. Sue
  9. My favorite is the Zhoom Phloom at Morey's. Heck, I'd rather ride that than any of their coasters! Sue
  10. Was Mr. Marks at your wedding? Actually, no, it wasn't Sam. I would hope Sam would at least know that we don't belong to CZ so WTF would we need club t-shirts for. For those who know, the shirts were from the Maxwells. They always wear them themselves so I guess they thought we wanted to be their twins or something. Thanks to Todd Long, we know exactly what we're doing with them. Sue
  11. Great report, Derek! Now you gave me an idea for a day trip. Sue
  12. Not giving a card is my biggest gripe. If they had at least given a card, I wouldn't have had to e-mail or ask them. That way I would at least know nothing got lost on our end. Sue
  13. OK, this has really been bugging me. Has anyone ever heard of or experienced people going to weddings and giving absolutely no gift(not even a card)? We have about 5 people who did that at our wedding and it really annoys me. I would never even think of going to a wedding a not giving a gift. I e-mailed these people to ask and to make sure we didn't lose anything ourselves. A couple said they're sending something(though I don't know when since it was a month ago) and others didn't answer at all. I don't think a card is asking too much. I'm seriously thinking of sending these people thank you notes with a big "FOR NOTHING" on the inside. I know gifts technically aren't required, but I think it's wrong when people spend a lot of money to have you there and someone can't even give a card at the least. We got 2 other "interesting" presents. One was a set of matching tie-dyed Coaster Zombie t-shirts. For one, neither one of us would ever wear tye-dye(no offense to anyone that does) and, secondly, we don't even belong to Coaster Zombies. The other was a gift card to Dunkin Donuts--neither one of us eat donuts or drink coffee. I just had to vent.... Sue
  14. Hmmm, this sounds really familiar. Perhaps because we had about the same experience on Sunday? We did the running of the bulls and made it to ET within the first train load of people. Only problem was, it hadn't even started testing. While we should've had no wait at all, we ended up waiting an hour and a half before it opened and we got on. RT and KK also didn't start testing until after park opening. RT opened at 10:30 and KK didn't open until noon. People were not happy! Sue
  15. Has anyone noticed parks charging for these maps now? SFKK was charging for them on Sunday. Since they don't own the parking, they weren't given out there. When we asked at Guest Relations, they told us we could buy one in the gift shops for $5!!! Sue
  16. I've been reading the TR's, but haven't seen mention of how many people were there. Did they happen to announce an attendance figure? Sue
  17. Asking the parks to mail one does work in some cases. So far, I got SFStL, SFOT, and SFA directly from the parks. Others, such as SFDL and SFEG apparently don't know what BIG map means since they both sent me brochure maps. When I wrote to SFEG again, they told me those maps are only for people who pay for parking. What a joke that park is! Sue
  18. Wow, I guess Rich and I were the only ones not blown away by Goliath! We both like Nitro and AC(though we haven't ridden in a couple years) better. Not that Goliath is bad by any means, but the ending turn into the brakes just isn't my cup of tea. Mindbender was definitely impressive. We hadn't been on that since '99 so it was great getting to ride that again. It was also nice to finally get on Deja Vu after 2 SFOG trips just seeing it sitting there. I don't care for the middle part of the ride, but I love the spikes. At least now we can finally say we've been on all 3 of the US versions. Not as good as some people who have been on all 4, but still. Getting to and from ATL was a nightmare with lengthy flight delays, but the event itself was excellent! Sue
  19. GAcoaster, Where do you get the poster maps at SFGAdv? I was there opening weekend and didn't see any. Sue
  20. Great TR's! When you said you rode Kumba 7 times, did you have to walk around at all or did you just stay on? Just curious since their reride policy seems to change by the minute. Sue
  21. Here's my sweetheart, Bam Bam.... If you don't eat it, you wear it.
  22. Lake Compounce due to the insane amounts of line jumping. You can't stand in line for BD without being line jumped about 10 times. Sue
  23. The running of the bulls is quite amusing. We were heading away from KK at opening on Saturday after the Coaster Celebration ERT ended. The wall of people coming at us was unreal. Thank goodness for the ERT--I wasn't about to wait in that line! Sue, who likes the tortoises better than KK
  24. We just did 74 rides on Boulder Dash this past Sunday. It was a welcome change after the crowded line jumping-fest on Saturday. Sue
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