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  1. I would say my craziest moment would be having a roll back on the Wild E. Coyote kiddy coaster at SFOG. The train was to heavy for the wheels on the hill into the station to pull the train back in, after sitting there for 5 mins as the ride ops tried to get us back in (the rubber tires at one point started to smoke) finally they just released us and we rolled back down the hill and around the small helix then back and forth for a min untill the train came to a rest in the final banked turn before the hill into the station. After waiting in a 30 degree banked turn for 10 mins, a maintance man with a ladder came and got us out. I never would have thought my first roll back would be on a kiddy coaster. David
  2. The times that have been stated are correct, the longest we waited was 45 mins for a very back seat ride on the voyage friday night, this due to the fact they were running only 2 trains that night. Will told us that night that they were waiting on parts for the 3rd train. On sat. night HW had all 3 trains running on the voyage and I think wait times for a very front or very back seat ride was only 30 mins. Raven and Legend we walkon to 2-3 train waits for the front or back all weekend. HW did a great job handling the crowds, and I'm sure when word speads about how great this event was, even more people will show up at next years event.
  3. Picked out a few pics of the many photos I took this weekend. After so many months of construction updates, I finally see this beast in person! Pat loves her guests! What a beautiful new section of the park Thanksgiving's new coaster, The Voyage! Airtime!! The 2nd hill Coming out of the first tunnel The third drop Coming out of the 2nd tunnel Back to back 90's on the turn around Coming back on the insane return run! Going into the last 90! Shot from inside of the station tunnel, yes, The Voyage is that fasssst. Voyage train coming out of the last tunnel The line waiting for The Voyage ERT to start You can't visit HW without riding the Flying Eagles Voyage's train heading into the station tunnel The sunset Raven's station at night. Raven train heading to the lift Voyage's train driving into the station tunnel One train going into the station tunnel, and one going up the lift
  4. The view of Thrunderhead from the new Timber area. The new playground are around Thunderhead allows for some nice photos Tennessee Tornado
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