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  1. Glad to hear that Gwazi Tiger is running much better after all of the track work they just did on it. From what we were told, it just reopened on 12/26. Hopefully once the holiday crowds subside, they'll do some major track work on the Lion side. We rode Gwazi Lion on 12/13 and it was the worst rides we've ever had on it to the point that I won't even ride it again until it gets some work.
  2. Those are some great pictures. What kind of camera do you have? Do they open the whole park and all of the rides for this event, or is it just certain sections?
  3. Great report so far, Gary. Keep it up! Someone mentioned in another thread that the Dania Beach Hurricane has a new rule that they only dispatch a train every 10 minutes so that might explain what you witnessed. Then again, of the 3 times we've been there, we've never seen them move faster than a snail's pace. It's an awesome ride though and the price can't be beat!
  4. It's too bad you're not visiting Busch on New Year's Eve. I want to do that one of these years and I'm really curious to hear how it is and how the crowds are. Anyway, hope you have a great trip!
  5. Has anyone been to Busch Gardens Africa for New Year's Eve? If so, how crowded does it get? I'd love to ring in the New Year on Montu one of these years.
  6. So we missed riding it on Friday so they could put a banner up?!? Wow, just wow! Like they couldn't do that when the park is closed?
  7. WooHoo!!!! I have the honor of sending Big Mike his first holiday card!
  8. I vote for the VA option by a long shot. If it was 2008 or prior, SFNE and LC might've been a close option, but it's not anymore. In my opinion, Bizarro has been ruined. It's to the point that I don't even care to go back to SFNE anymore because that was the only ride there that I liked and I don't enjoy it anymore. The new lap bars don't bother me, but the blaring audio, view-blocking headrests, and unnecessary mist which gives you a bath (not a fan of getting soaked on coasters), have dropped it way down in my rankings. I think the VA parks offer much more overall with many coasters (most of which are very good) and much more atmosphere. Busch is constantly voted as one of the best landscaped parks out there, has above average shows, and offers very good dining options. I think Kings Dominion has a great coaster line-up and every visit I've had to that park has been excellent.
  9. Did the person who found the Six Flags Great Adventrue card ever post their picture?
  10. Darn, we just missed you, Jeff! Our original plan was SFNE during the day Saturday, LC Saturday night, and Great Escape on Sunday morning. Since LC closed, we decided to hit Great Escape Saturday night instead. We must've just left SFNE before you arrived. Glad you enjoyed Comet! It's one of our favorite coasters and we were able to get some excellent night rides on it.
  11. Go Big Mike You’re the man You’re so cool Even depotrat is a fan He counts every ducky In hopes that he’ll get lucky And be the man Who’s declared Big Mike’s #1 fan WooHoo!!!!! (Ed’s the one who nominated me for cheerleader so I had to give him a shout out)
  12. Six Gun City is an expensive one. It cost us $43.90 for the both of us to ride the coaster. Be sure to check out their tractor-drawn carriage ride with plastic horses attached to the side. It's hilarous! Santa's Village has very good pizza if you're looking to eat there. I can't think of the name offhand, but the restaurant is pretty close to the coaster.
  13. We've gone 2 different years since it changed to POP. They were both the first Sunday of HPITD and we really didn't wait in much of a line for anything either time. The longest wait was probably 20 minutes for Lightning Racer because they were playing their game of running 1 train on each side with the 4 middle rows closed off.
  14. When we were there on the first Sunday in August, it was so empty that we had solo rides on 4 of the 5 coasters. The only coaster we rode with other people was Time Machine and even that wasn't a full train. Then again, when you have 10+ minute dispatches on Time Machine, you're bound to build up some line.
  15. They must really be getting desperate now. They just announced on Facebook that admission from today through 9/7 is 2 for $19.99 ALL DAY (not just before 4 pm).
  16. I was just going to post that good news. Talon was open and running with riders today so you should be all set for tomorrow.
  17. I was really excited about this ride until I saw the restraints. I’ve found these restraints to be very uncomfortable on other rides that have them so I doubt this will be any different.
  18. I don’t know for certain, but I’m guessing the chain broke or the lift motor died. They currently have a crane by the lift hill and one of the trains is stuck on the lift.
  19. Just to give you a heads up...Talon has been closed for a couple days now and might not be open by Friday.
  20. The Dorney Park Mikestery card has been found! I wouldn't let ya down, Big Mike! Picture(s) to follow shortly...
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