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Siam Park - Waterpark in the Canary Islands

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^^^^There really aren't that many slides at the park. I count 3 bowls, a tornado, 3 tubes, a racer, a kiddie area, and 1 more tower with a small number of slides. I believe that, if not crowded, this is more of a 1/2 day to 3/4 day park, but not really a full day unless it were uber crowded and you wanted to ride everything.

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Wow, I didn't really think Wild Wadi in Dubai was going to be bettered by anybody, but here we are. This really is a well considered and beautiful park, I wish more places would go for 'mature' themes like this rather than the stereotypical beach themes and bright colours a lot of water parks have.

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first: sorry my bad english -.-


i read in a spanish newspaper a part of the park open in this dezember,

what are you mean? is this real?


Deine Englisch ist gut, aber auf Englisch, buchstabieren wir Dezember mit einem "C", nicht "Z". (Entschuldigen Sie mich für meine Deutsch)


-Tanks "German is cool" 4me05


Anyway, I can easily say that this looks like one of the best waterparks on the planet. There is so much detail to everything!

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Bad News,another delay....The park will not open this winter.In the newspaper I saw an article about the park and it says that the park will open this spring in march/april...


Hmm.. i hope it will be no more delays... going to Tenerife on March 28th and i relly want to visit the park

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Aye que fantastico! Kamikaze etsa muy alto no? Rapido! Rapido! Hace la parque!


Lo siento para Espanol malo del mio. Me gusta la lingua bonita.




The Rough English translation:


How fantastic! Kamikaze is very tall, no? Faster! Faster! Make the park!


I'm sorry for my bad Spanish. I like the pretty language.

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If this were in Florida it would surely be a big competitor for Aquatica. And I think this one in Spain will blow off Aquatica out of the water.

People will be going thru an aquarium full of alligators instead of dolphins. Sounds more thrilling. And I like the dark ride with lazers effects. I wish this was over here.


España cada vez se destaca mas en la industria de parque tematico.

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