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Siam Park - Waterpark in the Canary Islands

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I saw a great show on Discovery yesterday about the park. It was one of those Mega Builder/Engineering shows. It mostly focused on their surf pool and all the problems they had building it.


I love looking at pictures of this place, I must visit it.


I just finished watching that episode of Mega Builders. It was fascinating. Looks like it was filmed between August 2007 and April 2008? I am pretty sure it's a Canadian show, but since it's on Discovery, it should make its way to the US and UK channels in due course.


Thanks to this thread (and all the great updates, OP), I knew pretty mcuh what they were showing. But it was cool to see the insider view.


taytig, go figure, eh - we Canadians build most of these amazing water parks, but we don't yet have our own showcase park...

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Hi! We are the managers of http://www.spfans.es the only web dedicated to the Siam Park, News, Forums, Interviews, photos. The website is in spanish but soon it will be available in English. We wait for your visits!!!


What´s Siam Park?

It’s a thrilling oriental adventure in the south of Tenerife and is filled with adrenaline pumping attractions, diverse animals, children’s play area, warm lazy river and golden beaches plus a surf school and wave pool like no other.


It will take you away to another world in an adventure you won’t find anywhere else.


It has an awesome Thai setting where every detail is carefully recreated with a magic touch – and the experiences on offer inside will make this park everyone’s favourite day out.


Attractions, spectacles and more...


Siam Park brings together the exotic mystery and adventure of the ancient kingdom of Thailand with twenty first century know how - to bring you the biggest and best themed aquatic park in the whole of Europe. Surrounded by sub tropical vegetation and basking in the sunshine in the south of Tenerife, you’ll find 14 major water attractions and 5 bars and restaurants.


As you step through the magnificent gateway into this amazing world, the scene is set for your adventure to begin. First up is a warm welcome from our fun-loving sealions who really know how to have a great time splashing around Siam style. They´re the first of many surprises that you´ll discover......from the floating market to the tea house...from the beach bar to the Thai restaurant .....plus many other attractions for both waterbabies and landlubbers alike.


The Sawasdee River meanders through the park for you to relax and enjoy as you drift along in the current of crystal clear water. Take in the sights as the world passes you by – the exotic islands, the cascading waterfalls, and the spectacular aquarium.


The glorious golden beach and enormous wave pool are stunning – you´ve never seen anything quite like the Wave Palace before! From splashing in the shallows - to riding out the ripples - to surfing the monsters waves – the Wave Palace has it covered. And yes, you can even learn to surf here too.........


The Lost City will entice the youngest ones to play in their very own water-adventure world. It´s packed full of fun and specially designed with excitement and safety in mind.


The authentic oriental setting, free sunbeds and parasols, and heated water mean that relaxing here is easy - but when it´s time for rides and slides there´s so much to chose from too......


Twist and turn as you slither through the innards of the Jungle Snake


Experience The Volcano where the darkness envelops you as the speed builds up and the spectacular laser show is revealed.


Feel the force of The Giant as you spin round and round in this powerful twin cyclone.


Test your speed in the Naga Racer - it´s a head-first 6 lane race to the bottom.


Hold on tight as you swirl and twirl on your 5 seater raft plunging down the Mekong Rapids.


Dare to ride The Dragon – with his mammoth jaws gaping open as you hurtle closer and closer and higher and higher in a gravity-defying experience.



For a full on rush of adrenaline make a beeline for the Tower of Power – an breath-taking 28 metre drop with a heart stopping finale to you won´t forget!


Siam Park will hold an incredible 5 world records:


·The park with the longest lazy river

·The highest lazy river – there’s a difference in levels of 8 metres

·The largest man made waves in the world

·The waterpark with the widest range of attractions

·And the largest Thai village outside of Thailand with 25 different buildings



http://www.siampark.net - park´s website

http://www.spfans.es - Siam Park Fans

Coming soon 15 - 16 september

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Now that the park is already open, here we have the oficial videos of the atractions taken from the new web of the park.


Mekong Rapids


The Gigant


The Tower Of Power


Naga Racer


Jungle Snake


And the best one IMO....

The Dragon


Hope you like them

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