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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 771: Onsite employee housing under construction at Dollywood

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I’m very excited to see how wildwood grove turns out! Great addition to Dollywood. I bought a super gold pass for 2019, my first time ever buying a super pass. I wish they would add something new to Dollywood’s Splash Country next year, I’m also ready to hear the festival and show offerings and lineups for next year.

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I don't think you will see any activity around Slidewinder. It is definitely a local favorite, and I believe they will have a proper send-off.



However, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that 2019 will be the last year for it.



Insider info: Look for Car 7 to return on Mystery Mine soon! It has been MIA this entire year for a rebuild.

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Construction update of Wildwood Grove!


During the ACE Smoky Mountain Coasterfest at Dollywood on 11/10, we were given a short construction tour of the progress being made in Wildwood Grove! A big thanks to Dollywood for giving us this opportunity to check out this great new area! A couple of things we were told of during the tour:


- Pete Owens confirmed Dragonflier will run on a single train.

- 1 million dollars are being spent on the landscaping itself in the area.

- The park is looking at the month of May for the area’s projected opening.


Now for some photos!


Dragonfiler’s progress is coming along nicely!


This will be the future home of the “Mad Mockingbird” ride


The building for the “Hidden Hallow” indoor play area


A closer look at Dragonflier’s tunnel





The Dollywood Express chugging down the tracks. You likely won’t be able to get a shot like this next year


Hi Mystery Mine and Wild Eagle.



That structure for Black Bear Trail’s station


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Why does Mystery Mine run so many cars? They stack the sh*t out of them anyway so it just means you spend way more time on the brake run.




Well, when they had super busy days they would run dual cycle mode. However, this season there has been no report of running dual cycle mode. I always heard if you run 7 cars, the ride would throw many errors the next day, and would be a maintenance nightmare.


Plus if they E-Stop'd, and all 7 cars were running, it takes wayyyyy longer to evac all riders.

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So, I don't know if I'll ever ride Mystery Mine again... The theming was awesome; the lift hills and drops were great... but my god, the jostling on the turns had me bracing to try to keep my head from banging into the OTSRs.... I wish MM had those vest-type restraints that Wild Eagle has; I feel like I would have a better ride on MM with not having to worry about hitting my head back and forth.

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I feel like I would have a better ride on MM with not having to worry about hitting my head back and forth.


Dozens of rides with same/similar restraints. Even at DW, Tennessee Tornado has similar restraints.


They are a product of their time. Lots of newer designs but not many rises get new/refitted cars.


That said, I've never had issue with MM, TT, or any other ride with that style.


Honestly I prefer them to the vests on WE.

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Tennessee Tornado is so smooth that I don't hit my head once. It really is a shame X2 sent Arrow bankrupt because Tennessee Tornado is awesome.


I lean forward during Mystery Mine's first half to avoid the jostles here and there, so I have no issue. However, I wouldn't be opposed to lap bars.

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Maybe it was just my inexperience with a coaster like that, as it was my first time riding a Euro-Fighter. When we did our second circle around the park, we opted to re-ride Wild Eagle and Firechaser Express, so I only got the one ride in on MM. I *might* consider riding again if I ever go back (my god, I hope I get to go back - I freaking LOVED this park).

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I've never experienced anything resembling roughness on Mystery Mine. I know a lot of people hate it but I'm entirely confused. I love that ride.


I think it depends on which vehicle you get and maybe even where you sit. The first time I rode it, it was my first Eurofighter and I cursed Eurofighters as head-banging death traps after riding. The second time I rode it, I grudgingly did so with a friend and was surprised by a 100% smooth ride.


Earlier this year, in the same day, I got one hellishly head-banging experience and one smooth one.

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Well, now you've got me interested in trying to ride it again and take note of what car I'm in and what seat. I don't know what car I rode, but I was sitting in the front left seat. I thought maybe the jostling was more intense for me because I'm so short (5'2"), but my friend sitting next to me is around 6' and said he was having trouble with the head-banging, too.

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So it sounds like the passholder preview will be mid-May? I would have thought that the winter weather would slow down construction and it looks like they have a way to go. We plan to be there Christmas week and I cant wait to see how far they have gotten

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I would say by mid/late December, Dragonflier will be finished. The Wildwood tree is being constructed offsite for some reason. I guess it’s that large. So I’m guessing they’ll haul it in and place it. The other attractions are basically put and place. Majority of work is landscaping which is what makes Wildwood Grove.


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I've got some time off in December and was thinking about going to Dollywood for the first time. I'm only interested in riding the coasters and some flats. I would drive from Chicago so this trip would depend on the weather. Is it worth it to go for one day or should I hold off until next season?

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