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What's your closest coaster?

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That's probably tyfoon @ Dippie doe Family Park


That was the last coaster I rode in The Netherlands, number 45 I think! But now I have to go back to to ride the new coaster at Toverland for number 46.


The closest coaster to me is the famous Cyclone at Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. It's 12.29 miles, or 19.78 km, as the crow flies. Takes about 35 minutes with no traffic. Hah!


Next closest are Rye Playland (19 miles) and Adventureland (L.I.) (22 miles). The crow is much more direct than the automobile.

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Technically, it is the Tiger Mike (Wisdom Miner Mike) at Boomers in Fountain Valley. However, as that ride is barely a coaster I'm going to say it is California Screamin' at Disney California Adventure Park. As the crow flies, it's only a couple miles further anyway (18 for Tiger Mike, 20 for California Screamin') but it still takes me around 45 minutes from my front door to the Disneyland Resort parking structure.

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Pteranodon Flyers! Just slightly closer than Hulk or whatever crap Harry Potter name they've given Flying Unicorn as the crow flies.


Actually driving and walking distance it would be Hulk or Rip Ride Rocket.


Time wise it would probably be Manta.

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The Incredible Express, a Wisdom Miner Mike, at John's Incredible Pizza in Roseville is just about 10 miles away from my home. I have never ridden it, nor do I ever intend to. When my twin grandsons get old enough, I'm sure they'll take a few spins on it if it's still around.

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House - About 2 miles from Rock N' Roller Coaster at DHS.

Office - Just under a mile to Universal... and yes I've gone there on lunch before.


And those two reasons are why are I live and work in Orlando. Heck on my drive to work I can easily see 6 coasters from 3 separate parks (and can see 4/6 from my office window!).

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about 100ft closer to me than the infamous Miner Mike credit!


Dude there is a Minor Mike that is only slightly further up the road from the one I posted. Both are crappy little things though and not what I would consider actual coasters but hey they are still credits.

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