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WDW Disney's Hollywood Studios Discussion Thread

p. 83 - More entertainment returning to WDW!

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12 hours ago, KBrylczyk said:

You know, I watched that special a couple days ago.  I can't think of a single song of hers that would be appropriate for a fast rollercoaster.  95% of that concert is slow, mumbly, and very bass-heavy and the other 5% is slightly uptempo but still subdued.  I think she's a pretty cool person overall but her music isn't my style, so I may be wrong as I've not bothered to listen to her albums, but she wouldn't fit the bill IMO.

Oh yea, I'm mostly joking about a Billie Eillish retheme just because of the timing of that special and the rumor. I'm a fan of hers and she is massively popular, but still not sure that translates to a Disney ride makeover. There is some stuff on her first album (I like that album A LOT more than the second one that was featured in the Disney+ special) that might work for a ride, much more up beat a "club" vibe, but even then it's probably a stretch.

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Deputies say a man accused of trespassing was giving a tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios with a stolen company iPad.

Authorities were called to Hollywood Studios in June for a trespasser, later identified as Rennan Carletto, according to officials.

Deputies say an investigation manager with Tickets and Resort Fraud for Disney discovered unauthorized overrides on reservations in a Walt Disney World application that was for employee use only.

The app can give someone access to the front of lines without having to wait and is only installed on Walt Disney World devices.

The investigator told deputies he believed someone had a company device without permission to make the overrides.

The investigator said he saw Carletto giving an unauthorized tour within the park and leading the group into a line of one of the rides.

According to an incident report, Carletto bypassed the line after presenting tickets.

The investigator with Disney told the staff to cancel the reservations for Carletto and his guest before they got onto the ride and followed him out into the parking lot to see if the man would attempt to make more reservations.

The report continues that the investigator and an off-deputy working at the park approached Carletto and asked to speak to him.

Carletto told the men that he worked with A Class and did have a Disney device with him to make reservations, the report says.

Authorities say Carletto gave the iPad to the Disney investigator, adding that he had been given the device by his boss 'Tony,' saying that he did not know it had been stolen.

Officials say the investigator has dealt with 'Tony' in the past for the same issues but could not provide further information on the man.

It is unclear how the iPad was obtained outside Disney property.

Carletto was issued a trespassing warning by Disney for all its properties.


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