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WDW Disney's Hollywood Studios Discussion Thread

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We are going to Hollywood studios on the 18th, MK on the 19th, IOA the 20th, and AK on the 21st. We are staying at the JW Marriott on the WDW property. Figured it was a good option since it’s brand new and still has on site transportation.

Good, you're going on a weekday. That should help you somewhat.


You'll want to attempt to get a boarding group at the 10 AM opening. If the ride goes down in the morning / early afternoon, they will continue to backlog boarding groups that have not gone yet, so getting a group for the 2 PM distribution might mean you're still waiting a while. Ask the folks at your hotel when the shuttles depart for Hollywood Studios and plan accordingly. But after you get there and snag your boarding group, you needn't feel any pressure to "get everything done"... You can relax and rove around at your own pace. Even on weekends, the queues are never unreasonable.

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Saw some reports that Rise was struck by lighting. Has anyone heard anything about that or the potential downtime?

The ride was reportedly down for the entire day yesterday.

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Makes me want to visit the park dressed as Spock and wander around with a puzzled expression


Slightly Fixed.


I figured a whole group (a family who's quarantined together?) should get together

as the Starship Enterprise main crew and do the same, LOL.

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Interesting antecdote for weekend visitors...


I've gone two weekends now on the reservation system. The first time, I was driving on the ramp at around 9:15, and got backed up for a long enough time that I wasn't able to get in the park before 10 AM for a Rise of the Resistance boarding group. But the second time, today, I got there at 9 AM on the dot and was in the park with a half hour to spare, even after a delay before they started letting people through the booths.


I want to say that this would help people with their planning, but... Inconsistencies!

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We were at the parks last week, and HS on Tues 9/8. It was a *little* busier than expected but considering it was the day after Labor Day I think a slight uptick shouldn't have been a big surprise. We certainly got everything done with time to spare except for Rise, boarding passes filled in seconds and no 2PM slot opened at all, I dont believe they even got through all the 10A passes. Everything except Smuggler's Run was a walk on or 10 minute wait.


Despite the lower crowds, one thing that was immediately obvious is that Black Spire Outpost does not lend itself to social distancing very well, and we didn't spend nearly as much time as I would have liked there because of it.


Example of 'crowd' level towards the end of the day, looking away from Tower of Terror:



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